Re: Do You Have "It"? (DTayl)

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Flock Video
Re: Do You Have "It"?

If you feel like being a Trend-Whore, be my guest.

Blogger Danielle
Date Posted June 21st, 2007
Description You better believe it, bitches.

Danielle Danielle Taylor
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Re: Do You Have "It"? is the post-twenty-third video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the fourth video response to the "It" Girl Video Challenge.


Text: Flock Audition

Danielle: Hi ladies, my name's Danielle and I'll be auditioning for the Flock Today. 'Kay, so you had a series of five questions you wanted answered, which is totally reasonable. So I'll give my answers for 'ya. Question number one was concerning bright chunky frames for summer. Although will say that, yes it does brighten up your outfit and it can be a very original and creative twist, I'm a girl who sticks with her black frames thank you, they match anything, they're incredibly elegant and classic... they seem very Audrey Hepburn of me and I like that vibe. And... yeah. I stick with black, but if you feel like being a trend-whore, be my guest. Um... What else? Question number two had to do with narcing out celebrities if you see them stealing. Are you insane? No, do you want to commit social suicide, because that's what you'll be doing. Want to get invited anywhere? People don't like going to jail, people don't like being all over the tabloids for something unflattering or not good for their career. Do you see where Winona Ryder is today? hmm? Or Paris Hilton? Like, come on, do not narc. Narcing not cool. Okay, Question number three had to do with cutting it close for a luncheon and... look, first off, the mayor's wife? Look, I don't know what circles you ladies are running in but apparently it's with the senior's club. And I don't need a senior's discount, thank you. So, if you can't get out of this very important event for the love of god do not wear something out of that suitcase. Your going to want to wear something that you bought just like now. So, make a pit stop, go straight to your nearest retailer, good retailer, if you have to commute a little bit do what you need to do because you are going to look cute and you are going to look hot. And, if you have enough money for it since it is the mayor's wife, classic cocoa shanelle suit is always in style. But, whatever, I guess it's up to you. And if you're worried about being late, at least you'll be fashionable, and we all know what "fashionable" and "late" makes, don't we. Okay, so you're going to want to go with something very simple, classic, clean-lines, nice strappy things because usually you'll be wearing a very nice, elegant gown so you go with strappy, sandal heels. You're looking for a good 2-3 inch heel, because you're in a gown. Have to wear heels. Since your shoes won't be that shown you'll match a little bit of your toe, make sure you get a good manicure. Don't listen to Fergie. Please don't wear duchee and cobonee, excetere, excetere, because, honey have you seen how that girl dresses? Okay, and the last question which makes me question the Flock altogether. Top video game of the summer are you joking? 'Kay, number one, I'm not the kind of girl who sits in her mom's basement and plays' video games. I'm sorry, I'm just not. And, if I'm going to be playing a video game... I wouldn't be playing a video game, that's pretty much it so I would say that the top video game of 2007 is "Ew, oh my god, are we playing video games right now?" because, look, if I was looking to join a D&D-style club I would but I'm looking to join a clique ladies. So, shall we step it up. And if you're courious as to why I wasn't (In sterotypical girly voice) "Like, whatever, hay what's happenin'", I haven't watched "Clueless" since 1998, and I'm hoping you haven't either. Sure it's great and all but, it's a new generation. Alright ladies, I'll be hearing from you.