School's In Session! - NBR Investigates

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Episode 15/1x015
School's In Session! - NBR Investigates

"I'm a genius; did anyone witness that?"

Blogger Nikki
Date Posted March 6th, 2007
Length 6:47
Description I think a lesson is in order.
Location(s) Nikki Bower's house
YouTube Tags nikkibowerreport nikki bree danielbeast lonelygirl15 jonas opaphid tachyon nancy drew empire
Production Credits
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Amanda Goodfried
Camera Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Amanda Goodfried and Alli Danziger
Editor(s) Amanda Goodfried
Nikki Alli Danziger
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School's In Session! - NBR Investigates is the fifteenth video in the lonelygirl15 mini-series Nikki Bower Report.


(Nikki is sitting at home in front of a collection of board games.)

Nikki: (Shakes what appears to be an Etch A Sketch.) Oh! Hey guys! Nikki B., here. (Bangs Etch A Sketch against head.) Just havin' a little fun on my day off, if you will. Well, sorry I haven't seen you in a while, but I've been stumped last couple videos. I've actually had evidence to uncover. Places to go! Things to see! With BDJ on the road it's been really hard for me to stay on their trail. Sorry guys. Nikki B. really wanted to go up to the snow, to the cabin (cut to close-up of a snowstorm ball and then back to Nikki) but deep in my heart (loudly) I don't like the snow! That's why I live in Southern California... duh! So, I decided that as an investigative reporter, I need to start asking some hard questions. And now I'm looking to you guys to help me with any leads. (Holds flashlight up to her face like she is about to tell a camp-fire ghost story.) Gather 'round everyone. Come on, come close. It's time for Auntie Nikki to tell you a story about murder and intrigue! (Adopts scary pose.) Okay, well not really about that, per se, but I... I do have a lot to tell you to get you up to speed. Stay tuned.

(Nikki blows up an inflatable microphone.)

Nikki: Since we have such a big crowd tonight, I decided to bust out my very special microphone. (Clears throat) And it's on (taps microphone) okay, testing. Y'all hear me good? Good? Good, you at home? Comfortable? Good... good. Okay, back to the story! (Clears throat.) The last time we saw Jonas, he was breaking into the crawl space upstairs. Ooh. So the crawl space was dark, but some things were visible. Some of you thought it might it might have been a vacuum. (Mimes a vacuum motion with her microphone.) Rrrr! A crossbow. (Tosses microphone in the air.) Excuse me, I lost my prop. (Retrieves microphone.) Uh! A telescope. (Puts microphone up to her eye) Ahoy mateys! And some of you thought it may even have been a purple thing (folds microphone in half) that looked like P. Monkey. (Shrugs.) I'm done with this. (Throws her microphone off camera.)

(Camera cuts to a slightly closer position to Nikki.)

Nikki: So then we heard a (gasps) and a, "What's that?" coming from Jonas. Yah, and then the video just cut out. Dark. Blank. Nothing. What were we supposed to think? Sounded like he found the Holy Grail or something. That'd be interesting... (Nikki thinks about how interesting that would be.) So cut to... they're on the road again. But what did they find in that crawl space? (Gasps.) A document. (Yawns.) Excuse me. (Shouts) Boring! I mean... really! Pfft. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel because this gives us something to investigate. I mean that is my job. (Looks away from camera into the distance.) For those of you in the back who couldn't hear me, I said, (holds up inflatable microphone and speaks loudly) "That is my job... to investigate. Thank you." (Looks back at camera and nods.) It is my job. (Puts down microphone.) The document that they found is called "The Order in the Modern Empire." What does that mean? I don't know. So I'm gonna get technical. I'm gonna look up a definition of "empire."

(Cut to Nikki now wearing very large glasses.)

Nikki: Alright. Here we go. Aha. Empire. (Reads from dictionary) "Empire is a noun. A group of countries ruled by a single supreme authority. 2. Supreme political power. 3. A large commercial organization controlled by one person or group." Huh. (Thinks aloud.) One person... one group. (Whispers) Interesting. (Thinking aloud again.) There was the Roman Empire. There was, um, a Mongol Empire of some sort. Maybe a Soviet Empire. We got the Empire Strikes Back. You all know what that is. For those of you in Southern California, there's the Inland Empire. Good place to get a used car. England! They call themselves the British Empire. Now that's interesting, right, because Bree lived in England, Gemma's from England... "The (emphasizes) Order in the Modern Empire!!" I... I'm a genius; did anyone witness that? (Looks around.) Anyone? Where's my microphone?

(Nikki is talking and looking straight at the camera again.)

Nikki: Now class, the first step in investigating is to check out all clues. So, on the cover of the document, we saw these initials (holds up chalkboard with the letters RJW on them) RJW. Now who, or what, does this stand for? Mmm? There was also a whole bunch of other initials that were carbon copied on the document. But, there are a couple of initials that I found really interesting.

(Fast forward footage of Nikki writing on chalkboard and then holding it back up. Chalkboard now has the letters DTA written very large and circled many times.)

Nikki: That's it, right here. That's a D, a T, and an A. Standing for Drew T, Thomas, I don't know, Avery. Drew Avery!! Drew Avery was carbon copied on the document! Now that's putting two and two together class. That is what I call a lesson. Class dismissed. Thank you for coming.

(Cut to Nikki in the same place still wearing the large glasses.)

Nikki: So, there's another set of initials that are also really interesting. O. M. A. Omma! Or... maybe OpAphid. Or... Olivia Avery! Bree's mom! Yeah. I just named her. Her name's Olivia. Now here is where it gets interesting, class. Daniel mentioned something about a symbol. The symbol he found at the cabin. He said that people who are critical of the Order, Jonas's parents included, adopted this symbol. (Holds up chalkboard with a Theta + Pi symbol on it.) Looks strangely familiar, doesn't it?

(Cut to Nikki without chalkboard and with her glasses in her hand.)

Nikki: So, obviously Tachyon thought this symbol was important, which was why she gave it to Bree. But what about Nancy Drew? What's the connection there? You remember our favorite little gal? (Holds up copy of Nancy Drew's Guide to Life and puts it back down.) Now, why did Tachyon give those Nancy Drew books to Bree? She trying to tell Nikki B. something? Are we supposed to "look closer"?

(Nikki is holding up the flashlight to her face again and resuming her mock scary story.)

Nikki: Alright everyone, gather round, gather round. It's not the end of the story per se. It's more of a (pointing each dot in the air) "dot, dot, dot." We have not found anything today. We have not uncovered anything great or amazing. But it sure has been fun.

(Cut to Nikki no longer holding the flashlight.)

Nikki: To the BDJ trio. Let's put investigating aside for a second, and... and come in a little bit closer. Let's listen to Auntie Nikki B. here, okay? What is with the violence and the mayhem? Huh? Can't we all just get along? Really? Come on guys, let's just chill. And Jonas, this is just for you. I know where you've been has been a little snowy, a little chilly. But um, I think I'm speaking for everyone here. Um, can you take your shirt off a little bit more? We... we really haven't seen um... we haven't gotten our fill, okay? Anyways, guys, it's been fun. I had fun, hope you did too. I will see you next time when Nikki B. reports... on something. (Nods and smiles.)