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Episode 0012
Secret Service!

I met the President's bodyguard!

Blogger Chrysandra
Date Posted July 3rd, 2007
Description The President got lost! Lol!

(And, yeah, I did dye my hair!)

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YouTube Tags secret service! chrys chrysplanet flock lonelygirl15 lg15
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Secret Service! is the twelfth video in the chrysplanet video series.


Chrys: I got good news! I got the job! Yay! (She does a little dance.) I'm pretty excited if you couldn't already tell. Maybe I'll meet some people. That'll be nice. (She pauses and looks around worriedly.) Hold on. (She gets up and leaves shot.)

(Chrys reenters.) You guys, I make the biggest deal out of everything! I heard someone pull up in our driveway and I got all scared. It was just some guy who needed directions back to the main road. He looked like a Secret Service agent, though. Down to the sunglasses. I wonder if the President was in the back of that black car. I met the President's bodyguard!


Chrys appears to be describing a watcher.