Speak to Me!

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Episode 257/2x001
Speak to Me!

Do you really think he's a mute??

Blogger Carla
Date Posted August 6th, 2007
URL youtube.com
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Length 2:50
Description Toby and I came to Jonas's house to cheer him up...but it wasn't much of a success.
Location(s) Jonas's house
YouTube Tags bree Daniel Danielbeast Jonas lonelygirl lonelygirl15
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Yumiko Aoyagi
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Production Assistant(s) Ian Schwartz
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Yumiko Aoyagi, Mesh Flinders and Dwayne Smith
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, Yumiko Aoyagi, and Dwayne Smith
Editor(s) Colin Hargraves
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music Music: "Don't Do Me No Harm" by Beight
Jonas Jackson Davis
Toby Burke Sturart
Carla Taylor Treadwell
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Speak to Me! is the two-hundred fifty-seventh video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the first video of season two.


Carla: Hello everyone. My boyfriend, Toby, is Jonas's cousin. And I convinced him we should come here after Bree died and see if we could get him in better spirits. But, he hasn't said a word since we've been here.

(Cuts to Jonas doing laps in the pool.)

Carla: All he does is swim. Hey Jonas.

(Jonas gets out of the pool. He walks towards Carla who hands him a towel.)

Carla: Hey, you want a towel?

(Jonas takes the towel and walks away.)

Carla: Wow! A thank you would have been nice.

(Carla walks up to Jonas, who is sitting on a lawn chair.)

Carla: How was your swim Jonas? Did you have a good swim? (She rubs Jonas's chest, who rolls over to reject her advances.) Come on Jonas. Say something. Just one word! Is that too much to ask?

(Cuts to Carla and Toby in the kitchen.)

Carla: I still can't believe he hasn't said anything to me! I mean, nothing!

Toby: You should see it, baby. He probably doesn't even want us here.

Carla: But you're his cousin. I think you should be a little more concerned about him.

Toby: After his parents died, he's really been treating the entire family like we didn't exist. So I don't really owe him anything.

Carla: You're just jealous because I flirted with him at that party. (She tickles him.)

Toby: Like how many decades ago was that?

(Toby leaves the room.)

Carla: That was easy. I wonder if it would work on Jonas?

(Camera pans out the window to Jonas, who is putting on his swimming goggles. Cuts to Carla throwing popcorn to Jonas and Toby as they watch a movie.)

Carla: Want some popcorn?

Toby: Leave him alone, Jesus.

Carla: I'm not gonna stop until he tells me to.

Toby: Come on. Carla, please.

Carla: (giggles) Oooh.

(Jonas gets up and takes the bowl of popcorn from Carla.)

Carla: (giggling) Oh my god. That was a little rough, wasn't it Jonas?

(Jonas offers Toby some popcorn.)

Carla: Toby! Toby!

Toby: Carla, please.

Carla: Do you really think he's a mute?

Toby: No, will you be quiet?

Carla: Jonas! He really is a mute.

(Cuts to Toby and Carla in a car, following Jonas as he runs. They try to get Jonas to come into the car with them by honking, but Jonas ignores them.)

Toby: See, babe, he's annoyed. You happy? This is annoying.

(He stops driving after Jonas. Cuts to Carla as she frantically searches Jonas's house for Jonas.)

Carla: Toby! Toby! Did you find him? TOBY!?

(Toby enters through the back door.)

Toby: Is he upstairs?

Carla: No, did you look outside?

Toby: Yes, he's not out there.

Carla: You sure?

Toby: Yes!

Carla: Well...

Toby: He's gone!


  • This video takes place by the water.
  • Jonas is shirtless in this video. The bandage from his stab wound is clearly visible on his abdomen.
  • It is unknown whether or not Toby and Carla are connected to the Order or the Hymn of One. While one might argue that nearly everybody at the fashionista party was "suspicious", Nikki Bower did tell us that nobody from the Order was watching the lonelygirl15 videos. This leads to the question of how Toby and Carla would have known of Bree's death if they were members. It is always possible that they were at high enough ranks that they were told about the Ceremony's completion from the Order itself, as the Order was obviously present at the Ceremony.
  • If, in fact, Toby and Carla are members of the Order, one might question why the Order was sending them there in the first place. Now that they have Bree, it is clear that they no longer desire TAAG, evidenced by their allowance of Jonas and Daniel to remain in the hallway sobbing after Bree's death and subsequently escape safely. Perhaps Toby and Carla are not members of the Order at all.
  • It is also unclear how Toby and Carla were able to post this video to Jonas's account, as Jonas left before the final scene was filmed, and did not speak to them once, meaning he could not have given them the password. Most likely, Jonas simply didn't log out when he last accessed it.
  • The fact that Jonas is able to swim and run with his stab wound seemed to suggest that more time has passed in the Breeniverse than the two days since the posting of the season finale. This theory was proved false with the video "The Unsolvable Formula" in which Spencer confirms that the Breeniverse is in "real time".
  • Fans have wondered why Carla is so intent on getting Jonas (who has spent months risking his life to save a friend/lover only to be stabbed and to have her killed) to talk. Why does she care? Can't she imagine that someone in his situation might want time to himself and might not want to flirt with her?
  • Fans have wondered why Toby would put up with Carla's annoyances, as well.