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Sarah Does Not Burn The Book

I'm going to go re-add my note because Sarah does not burn the Hymn of One book. Watch the video closely. First, you'll notice that she only rips out the back page (where Carl's note is) of the book, then the camera cuts to a different scene. Why would she tear out that page if she's going to burn the whole book? Dramatic effect? I'd buy that, if it weren't for the scene outside where she throws the stuff in the grill. Before we go any further, look at the box all of Carl's stuff was kept in (1:22). Then look at the color of the big rectangular object (2:29)... it's the same color as the box. Note that there is only ONE big rectangular object in the grill, meaning she does not burn the book. --Andy 22:06, 12 June 2008 (CDT)