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I figure this discussion is bound to start soon, so I might as well start it myself. This video raises a few questions:

  1. Who is the blogger for this video, Daniel or OpAphid?
  2. Should this video be treated as a part of the LG15 video series, as an OpAphid video, or both?
  3. How should Lose Something? and The Ends Justify The Means be treated since they are previous videos that were reposted on
  4. What should we do about OpAphid apparently brainwashing Daniel?!?!?!?--Jonpro 13:54, 4 February 2007 (CST)
  5. Does Daniel truly remember Cassie as an affect of (apparent) brainwashing, or is he reading a script of sorts?

General Comments:

 17:07, 4 February 2007 (CST)17:07, 4 February 2007 (CST)~~

The vid is signed by Oppy, not DB. Btw; a substantial Oppy vid?! o hell yeah! -Nieriel.Manwathiel

Here's my take on your questions, Jonpro (and by the way, they are very all very good questions)
  1. OpAphid is the blogger. Even though Daniel is in the vid, it is clearly done Op-style.
  2. Yes, and no. The lists should be merged. I saw on the lonelygirl15 website that they've added the OpVids to the regular video column. Lose Something? is now number 0121b, meaning it goes after Foosball Battle (although because of a glitch, it looks like it comes right before). The Ends Justify The Means is number 0115b, coming in right after Bree And I Hooked Up. In that case it actually shows up in the right order in the list. So this is an Op blog, but it comes after "The Cowboy" in the template, and not after "Lose Something?"... am I confusing you or making sense?
  3. No clue... maybe a kiss from his true love will snap him out of it? prob not...
  4. Now this is just my opinion... but I don't think he means anything he says. I don't think he suddenly remembers Cassie, I think he's being told to say all he said. He probably believes it all though, since he is brainwashed. Bree's dad wanted that to happen? lol
Ok, hope this clarifies some issues. I would like to go ahead and start integrating the OpAphid videos with the lonelygirl blogs, but I want to hear what other people think first. It seems the Creators are really trying to make the point that the storylines have converged and are inseparable now.
Also, the site is still acting pretty slow, so I prob won't be doing work on it for a little while... but in the meantime I'd like to see how others interpret this.
OwenIsCool 17:45, 4 February 2007 (CST)
Sigh... does anyone remember when this was a cute videoblogger in her room that everybody thought was a real person? When the goal was to tell a "highly-realistic story"? Anyways, here's the Creators on the new relationship between LG15 and OpAphid. Some OpAphid videos are required viewing. When they are required, they'll be in the video column. The puzzles, however, are optional. Or something.--JayHenry 21:12, 4 February 2007 (CST)
I totally agree about this being a cute video. What the hell happened? I really don't know where they're going with this. Not only does it not follow a logical order/plot, it isn't entertaining. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for this video, and now I'm not really excited about the next video. They've killed the interest for me. Heck, they could have kept the order thing being a weird cult. That'd be fine. This is less cult and more science fiction.
Are you kidding??? I'm TOTALLY on the edge of my seat now! What the hell is gonna happen? They can't just let The Order take take Daniel without a fight. But what are they gonna do? This was the first real WOW moment I've had since "The Unthinkable." ~ Jbshryne 02:30, 5 February 2007 (CST)

Perhaps this is just me, but does anyone else find it odd that it says "This is the first in a series of Op Aphid videos uploaded to the main page"? How does anyone know there are gonna be more Op Aphid videos on the front page? This could be the one and only.

I doubt it'll be the only one seeing as more then 1 Op Aphid vid has already been added. - Maddie

Thanks for your reply, OwenIsCool. I agree with your suggestion to merge the lists. It will take some work, but since the Creators have merged the videos in the column on, we just have to do the same thing here. If there are no other ideas about how to handle this, I think this is the best suggestion.--Jonpro 22:06, 4 February 2007 (CST)

I do not see how this is an Op video. This video is from Daniel. --LGFAN

Okay, first my comments on these questions.
  1. OpAphid is clearly the blogger, despite the video being all Daniel.
  2. I think the distinction between LG15 and OpAphid was just killed. This presents some difficulties for the LGPedia that I will try to address below.
  3. All the OpAphid videos should be integrated into the series, using the numbers suggested on the sidebar of the main page.
  4. As far as the LGPedia goes, we do nothing but speculate in the notes section. What a person might do elsewhere is entirely up to them.
  5. It's hard to tell at this point what Daniel is really on about with Cassie. He may have been reminded of her by the Order, (imagine if itscassie turns out to be canon, and Daniel has reconnected with her; it's possible, although I still don't think it's so) as the fact that it has been mentioned suggests it is going to be important to the plot.
--Brucker 10:06, 5 February 2007 (CST)

Daniel or OpAphid

Okay, OwenIsCool, I've got to backtrack and explain why I changed. The video is posted on YouTube under the Danielbeast account, not OpAphid. Likewise, on Revver, the video appears on the lonelygirl15 account (Daniel has no Revver account, all his videos are posted on Bree's), but not on the OpAphid account. Despite the description of the video referring to Daniel in the third person, Daniel himself does so in the video. I take this as an indication not that this is an official Op video, but that this is a Daniel video either made under coercion or the effects of some sort of brainwashing. So, I am changing my answer to question #1 to Daniel. The other questions continue to linger with few easy answers. I think people should weigh in here as to their opinion on the correct blogger and submit their reasoning if they have anything to add to the discussion before we edit it again. --Brucker 17:20, 5 February 2007 (CST) P.S. Whichever decision we reach as to who the blogger is, I think this is still technically part of the OpAphid series, agreed? --Brucker 17:20, 5 February 2007 (CST)

I see where you're coming from on this and it makes sense. However you know how I tend to disregard whose account videos get posted to since sometimes it doesn't seem all that logical. In the forum thread that JayHenry linked to above, the Creators mentioned that they were going to post all vids to Bree's account from now. Turns out they've been doing "research" trying to determine whether her account just intrinsically gets more views--and apparently it does. That means that the Sleepover video posted to Bree's account was probably intended to be from Jonas, just like it sounded. Jonas's account gets the least views of any. Likewise here, I think they might have posted to Daniel's to get more views, and (in-character) because Op has hacked his account (and his brain, seriously).
My interpretation for Revver is that Miss Me is on the left (official) side, not because it's from Daniel, but because all Op videos are on the left bar now (see my note further down on the page). As to the material in the video itself, all characteristics point to Op. The logo, the weird sounds, the backwards audio, the puzzle, and the intent behind it (to get Bree). It's Daniel talking the whole time, but I'd say the "writer and director" is still Op, and the video is from them.
Having said that, I did like your idea about keeping Daniel as the blogger, but making it part of the OpAphid series. Problem with that though, is that it's not a separate series anymore. Like we both said before, the distinction between LG15 and Op videos is no more. We need to merge them here as they've been merged on the Main page. So if we leave Daniel as the blogger, what will denote it as an "Op" video if it's all the same series anyway?
Btw, sorry I went ahead and changed it. I'm not adamant about the blogger, I just wanted somewhere to write in the question, and putting a comment in a talk page seemed too passive.
OwenIsCool 20:26, 5 February 2007 (CST)
Hey Brucker,
I changed the template as per our discussion below in "templature" and bc putting Op in as the blogger in Blog3 was creating a fake category "OpAphid's blogs". This template puts it in the category "OpAphid videos". I think this works for now and I'm ok with leaving "DB" as the initials in the LG15 list though.
OwenIsCool 17:22, 6 February 2007 (CST)


The newest development with regards to OpAphid presents us with a question on which templates to use for these videos. The regular Blog3 template that we'd used for the official series or the green Aphid template. I suppose I have a slight preference for the Aphid template. According to the creators post at the forum, it looks like there will be two types of OpAphid videos -- those that are required viewing and those that are still primarily for the ARGers. Should we even bother making the distinction or should we just treat it the same as everything else? --JayHenry 01:05, 5 February 2007 (CST)

We have the Op template, might as well use it, I think. It would also serve to distinguish Op vids from regular blogs, and that distinction is needed now more than ever since the Creators have intertwined the two series.
JayHenry, Brucker, what do you think about including these Op videos on the LG15 list of vids? It seems from the post JayHenry linked to that at least some of them should be treated as mandatory viewing material. Also, what do you think about "merging" the video pages? What I mean is, instead of OpAphid being a separate sequence of vids from LG15, work them as if they were another blog, like Bree's or Daniel's or Jonas's. Example: The "previous blog" to "Lose Something?" would be "Foosball Battle", instead "The Ends Justify The Means".
I don't know if this is the best approach, since maybe the Creators didn't intend for all the Op vids to be merged in like that. This one clearly needs to be "merged", but we can't have it separate from the other Op vids... sry, I'm not making any sense anymore. Look what you've done, Creators! We slave away trying to logically organize information about your series and every couple of weeks you have to change things around. "Let's get add a seen character with a speaking role, but make her totally irrelevant to the plot. Let's have Jonas post a blog under Bree's account--and let's make the description ambiguous. Let's throw in another "Seen" but minor character that defies all categorization. Now, let's post an Op video on the 'official videos' side of the website. That'll throw them." >_<
OwenIsCool 01:50, 5 February 2007 (CST) (I'll be back tomorrow when I'm not so touchy about this Oppy mess)
I disagree about Random Girl... she was totally relevant to the plot, as she reminded Daniel that there were other girls in the world (Breeniverse?) besides Bree. However, I object to them not even giving her a DAMN NAME. ~ Jbshryne 02:30, 5 February 2007 (CST)
Okay, I've got a beef with the creators again. In trying to organize this information, we come up with logical ways to categorize and present it, and then once again, they change the rules. I think there is a big problem here that we have to go back and redo a lot of the stuff on these videos. Are they now all canon? Are we supposed to change our understanding of how the characters in OpAphid are interacting with lg15 characters? Do we need to redefine the concept of canon in some way, since the OpAphid videos were sort of pseudo-canonical, and now are full-blown part and parcel of the lg15 world? While I accept that there is artistic license to go where they want with their series, those of us who have been working hard on the LGPedia to make it all it is can get a bit tired when things get this scrambled. It was annoying enough to me when Daniel posted on Bree's account, but this changes a whole lot. --Brucker 10:43, 5 February 2007 (CST)
Luckily, we've already done most of the work - pages, transcriptions, and notes for all the videos. We need to update List of Lonelygirl15 videos as per the new posts on We've already incorporated Op fairly well onto the Main Page. So we need to update the Op template to allow for official numbering, and go rejigger the pages a bit, but it's not really a huge burden.--JayHenry 11:02, 5 February 2007 (CST)
Oh yeah, probably would be a good idea to wait until the numbering is adjusted on the Op template before changing the template on this video. Oh, and I'm going to go see if the Tachyon videos were incorporated. OwenIsCool 11:07, 5 February 2007 (CST)
Ok, so I took a look at the main webpage. It's a mess. They've incorporated all the Op vids except for "You made the right choice" (the first one). They're still using the awkward ####b numbering, which screws up the order. It makes the Adventures in Babysitting video (Op ransacking their motel room) come before the Thanksgiving hike, which is where they were while the room was broken into. Etc, etc. To make matters worse, sometimes there's two Opvideos in a row, giving us ####b and ####c... how unelegant. I'm for renumbering everything to fit in the Op videos, but for some reason the Creators thought this was a better solution. Can we do it our way? Oh, and none of the Tachyon vids were incorporated. I'll bet anything they'll be incorporated as soon as we're done working out this Op merge.
OwenIsCool 16:46, 5 February 2007 (CST)

Some thoughts:

  • As for incorporating the OpAphid videos, I've taken the same approach that we used with Gemma and Jonas as you can see at List of Lonelygirl15 videos. They also numbered those first Gemma episodes as, you know, 44a, or whatever. But I think it's fine to leave them in the list where they happened chronologically, but without a number. And, similarly with those early Gemma vids, we simply had Nut Kills Man go to Living In London. We didn't retroactively make it direct to the lg videos. I suggest, to save ourselves the work, that we do the same here.
  • The Watcher symbol suggests to me that this is an OpAphid video. As long as the ambiguity is clear in our notes section, though, I don't see the harm in having it one way or the other.
  • The notes section has gotten way too long on this one. It seems to me that all puzzles should have their own pages like the Bree Phone Home puzzle. The general solution can be briefly summarizedon the video page, and the complete puzzle solution included on the puzzle page.

--JayHenry 23:41, 5 February 2007 (CST)

I have a suggestion that I brought up before and it was shot down, but I'm going to bring it up again, since I think it may be more applicable now. It also would be a fair amount of work, unfortunately, but might resolve some ambiguity. In the section of the template that says "Adjacent blogs", we could have two or more subsections. One subsection has previous/next for the overall series, while the other one points to previous/next in the specific user's blog. The second section could be optional, since especially in the case of lg15 videos, those will often be the same. There are a few ways this could be implemented, but I'm hoping this puts across the basic idea enough to discuss the possibility. Any thoughts? --Brucker 11:57, 6 February 2007 (CST)

Brucker, I like that idea. So for this video, for example, there would be a link to The Cowboy being the previous LG15 video and to Lose Something? being the previous OpAphid video. I think that's a good way to help integrate the two series without having both templates on the page or something like that. As for the notes section becoming too long, perhaps there should be a section on the page relating to the "OpAphid" aspect of the video, which would include things like reversed audio and hidden messages. That way, people following OpAphid can look there and people trying to follow the story without worrying about the OpAphid stuff could look at the main section of the page. Just a suggestion. Any others?--Jonpro 18:01, 6 February 2007 (CST)
I think that might be worth a shot... I'm unskilled with the templates though, so I'd have to leave it to you people to write the code for that. In the meantime though, why not have the first bullet of the notes section say something like "This is the first OpAphid video to be incorporated to the LG15 series. The previous OpAphid video was Lose Something?, and that way we prevent Lose Something from getting orphaned. I think we have similar links for the Gemma and Jonas inclusions. And about the notes, yes, the puzzle stuff can be moved. I think I might work on getting that on a separate page now, kind of like the Bree Phone Home puzzle. OwenIsCool 22:21, 6 February 2007 (CST)

I think there might be a reference to gender/sexuality in the title. Miss Me? #

From the Player's View

PLX to be leaving the aphid template in place. The vids both apply to the LG series but the LG vids hardly apply to the game. For the sake of the players, particularly new ones, please treat aphid and co. as both a part of LG and also it's own thing.

Washington Irving Quote.

The backwards masked quote at the end is from Washington Irving. It might imply that Daniel's weak mind was corrupted by the Order, but that someone stronger (maybe Bree) can resist it. ( in notes)

Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above them(actual quote)

I don't think this is implied by the quote at all. It sounds more like Op is saying she is a great mind who can rise above Bree who will be tamed and subdued by misfortune. 15:18, 8 February 2007 (CST)

Template screwing up categorization

There's a whole bunch of info on this video that only shows up and gets categorized if we use the official Blog3 template. While I understand wanting to use the Aphid template here, I think we need a compromise of some sort. --Brucker 18:52, 20 February 2007 (CST)

Since they've said that more OpAphid stuff will be required viewing we probably need to add the ability for Op videos to have production credits.--JayHenry 20:48, 20 February 2007 (CST)
Crap! This presents a bigger problem than I first realized, and it all relates back to the whole problem of the numbering scheme of Op videos. This video is listed at the top o the template as "OpAphid Video 0127", but it's not. It's LG15 video 0127 in reality, but if we're going to treat it as an Op video, then it's also OpAphid Video 15! Personally, I still reject the notion that this video ought to be treated as an Op video. While it has so many of the earmarks of an Op production, it's in Daniel's blog, and it's an official part of the series.
The hard part at this time is the fact that the creators have claimed that all OpAphid videos will now be part of the series, so it's hard to say what the future will hold. The fact is that in the past there have been some inconsistencies in numbering, which I noted at the time; some Daniel videos were posted in Daniel's YouTube blog, but then were not added to Bree's blog until quite some time after, making them out of order. Nonetheless, assuming that OpAphid videos should be treated with a separate numbering system as they already have been, I suggest this compromise that will no doubt work great until it is undermined by the creators completely changing everything again right after we have managed to implement it:
We change the Aphid template to have two index numbers. 1) "number", which will be the order it appears in the overall LG15 series, and 2) "opnumber", which will be its order in the OpAphid series. Thus this video will have, of course, "number = 0127 | opnumber = 15" (or "0015" or some such). In similar manner, Lose Something? will have "number = 0121b | opnumber = 14" and so on. Aside from the mess of editing all of this, how does it sound conceptually? --Brucker 11:15, 21 February 2007 (CST)