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omg, jonas is being such a baby. "What, did you hear something, cuz i didn't hear anything." god, the last time i did that i was like five. if he's going to be so deeply offended by bree coming to a very natural conclusion and being appropriately cautious, he could at least just ignore her instead of making dumb jokes.

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Psmith 22:37, 5 March 2007 (CST)

The seatbelt comment seems a little silly to me. I think I'll just delete that.

I took out "mistakenly" from "Bree mistakenly assumes that Jonas"... because even if Bree *is* mistaken, we don't know that for sure and also the possibility that she is mistaken is inherent from her assumption. :-) I just didn't want to spark a big "is he or is he not" debate. -grace2_89