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  • Justification: Considered by many as the actual Paul and Andrea; treated as canon in Missing Friends.
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Well... I think this could be relevant, if we could incorporate this into the article somehow... On their youtube profile they say this. "My name's Paul and I'm from Nowheresville, USA trying to figure out what to do with my life. Things I enjoy doing include hanging out with my girlfriend Andrea, going to parties (we aren't nerds!), and bowling (well maybe we are a little...). I used to hang out with my good friend Daniel (you can find him on youtube as "danielbeast") and recently got to know his friend Bree (user "lonelygirl15"). I haven't seen them in months now, they had to leave town because they were being chased by some secret Order or something. We really don't understand what it's all about but we miss them. So keep on watching because Andrea and I will be investigating what this weirdness is all about (filming all the way of course!) and will get to the bottom of it. We want our friends back!"


"followed soon after by the kidnapping of her parents." Given what we now know about Bree's mom and the Order is the use of the term kidnapping accurate if applied to both her mom and dad?--modelmotion 02:03, 16 February 2008 (CST)