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Article on Alcombe Antiques

I believe it is long overdue for an Alcombe Antiques article. There wouldn't be much information on it, but it is an important part of the current plot. Until the actual location of Alcombe is (not just speculation) is released, it would be smart to at least make a section under Minor locations for just the general area because the last 3 videos have taken place around Alcombe. I wouldn't be the smartest choice of person to write the page due to my lack of article-style of writing. Love, Randy (Say Wha'? | Whachu Doin'?) [Apr. 12, '08 - 1:38 AM, Central Daylight]

sarah's boobs

  • i wouldn't exactly propose a page dedicated to sarah's boobs but... how many times has she used her 'conversation skills' to retrieve information? - platy
I'd have to say quite a few, but not as much as Sarah's boobs have attracted perverts and haters alike to watching LG15 on youtube and post comments such as "WTF!? WHAT IS THIS!?" Love, Randy (Say Wha'? | Whachu Doin'?) [Apr. 12, '08 - 2:12 AM, Central Daylight]
I'm kind of almost getting to the point where the more they use them, the more an actual page might be necessary... though I hate to say it... it might be better to name it Sarah's conversation skills, rather than Sarah's Boobs, though. But see, the C's are VERY clearly using her boobs, so I'd say it's getting quite notable. --Greenie 13:36, 12 April 2008 (CDT)
  • i don't know if clever is the right word. haha! i mean, it doesn't take a genius to know that sarah's conversation skills are effective. but yeah. a Sarah's Conversation Skills is a page that is long overdue. - platy
Yeah, I moved the page to Use of sex in lonelygirl15 because Sarah shouldn't have her own page just because of her breasts. That would be encouraging a page for Emma's breasts, a page for Jennie's... Let's just merge it now to get it over with. - Shiori 17:57, 12 April 2008 (CDT)
thats fair. but i dont think emma's breasts or jennie's breasts have the same personality as sarah's. honestly. now we could argue that jonas and his pecks deserve a page! haha - platy