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rofl: i love this dork!! reminds me of the dude Mo Rocca (when he used to be on animal planet)... --Nieriel.Manwathiel
  • *rolls eyes* God....GEEK! lmao He is funny. -BA

I think he's a riot. Does anyone else think he looks a bit like Jason Mraz?-EmiB

Lightsaber - replica?

Several people in the revision history claim the lightsaber was a replica rather than a special effect, purely because they say so.
Let's look into this:

  1. When watched in slow motion, from 2:00 to 2:01, when the lightsaber is held horizontally across the screen, one can seemingly see the glow overlay move independently from the handle.
  2. Same in 2:02, when Spencer holds it vertically close the upper edge of the frame.
  3. In 2:04, there is a a moment where the glow seems to "jump" if you watch it frame by frame.
  4. In Order to be white in the middle, the saber would have to emit a considerable amount of light - at least as much as a fluorescent lamp; however, except for some outer glow around the blade, there is no additional light visible on Spencer or any other object in the room.
    Check out the lightsabers in these images from Google:
    Real lightsabers.jpg
    Now where is the same glow on anything in Spencer's lab or on himself?
  5. At 2:06, Spencer puts on his glasses; he lightly holds the saber in his right hand, even widely opening it up when taking the hand down. If the saber has a physical blade, why does it seem to have no weight at all?
  6. In the same moment, we can clearly see the reflection of his hand going down in the glasses - yet not the reflection of a giant, glowing blade.
  7. At 2:04/2:05, when Spencer does a wide sweep, his hands move above his desk on the left, producing a shadow on it - yet, at 2:01, when the lightsaber is above the exact same location, there is no light-change on the desk at all - neither more light, from a glowing blade, nor less light from a shadow.
  8. In addition, one can clearly see that every object on the desk more or less reflects on it, due to the desk being coated or polished. Yet, no matter how often Spencer sweeps the lightsaber above the desk, there is never, ever a reflection of it.

So, I know I wasn't there and can't "prove" this. But if yet another fanboy wants to challenge all probability, could he please provide a similar list of things speaking for the idea it was a replica? 'cause I kinda can't understand how a sane man can seriously assume this was anything but a special effect, and I'm really interested in hearing what non-light-emitting-lightbulbs are used in Star Wars merchandise...

~ Renegade (talk | contribs) 12:12, 17 July 2007 (CDT)

Renegade, I fully agree with you. I've been a avid collector of these MR Lightsabers ever since they have been put on the market. From what I see, Spencer is using this lighstaber... The blade is weightless because... it's hallow plastic. Also, none of the MR sabers have that "light blue" color that Spencer has. Which only is more proof that they used a process called "Rotoscoping" Also here is what many of the sabers look like from my personal collection I think we can safely deem it isn't a MR lightsaber

~ Falcovolt (talk | contribs) 11:19 PM, 17 July 2007 (CDT)

It is a genuine handcrafted jedi lightsaber

  1. No geek would be caught with less (is truely necessary I will also compile a list of why Spencer is a geek (and a dweeb, dork, and a nerd) but I think we can atleast agree there)
  2. The glow was clearly caught within the blade by focusing crystals commonly found within lightsabers, thus resulting in lack of a glow
  3. A lightsaber would not cause a shadow either
  4. A lightsaber blade has no weight, and those trained in its use can balance the forces within it to cancel out even the weight of the handle, thus resulting in it appearing as though Spencer is holding a handle with a special effect
  5. Of course the lightsaber produces a lot of light to be white in the middle, it is also real, see number 2: focusing crystals
  6. Lightsabers do not reflect. Look at Vader's shiny helmet in Star Wars, the only time you see the effects of a lightsaber in it is when the blade is incredibly close to the helmet.
  7. The camara clearly wasnt good enough to handle the difficulties in filming a lightsaber, hence the appearence of independant movement


Lonelycrackers are some of the dorkiest people I know! A debate on whether or not it's a real light saber, etc... Srsly guys XD You crack me up. --Demented Llama 15:32, 17 July 2007 (CDT)