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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Init.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.


This template is used to generate standardized initials for various bloggers. See below for a list of currently available initials and instructions on how to add a new one. To use the template, simply type {{init|blogger of your choice}}. For example, {{init|Jonas}} will create JTKO.

This template is protected because it is in use on the Main Page.

Available initials


{{init|Bree}} LG
{{init|Daniel}} DB
{{init|Jonas}} JTKO
{{init|Gemma}} G19
{{init|OpAphid}} [Op]
{{init|Tachyon}} TAC
{{init|Brother}} BRO
{{init|Nikki Bower}} NBR
{{init|the Order}} ORD
{{init|Taylor}} SocSkyblueStar.png
{{init|Jules}} CMJ
{{init|Sarah}} SIE
{{init|Spencer}} LALR
{{init|War Pylol}} War
{{init|Alex}} TCC
{{init|The Creators}} CRE
{{init|TAAG}} TAAG
{{init|Claire}} Я!
{{init|Hymn of One}} HoO
{{init|Carla}} C-LA
{{init|Emma}} E07
{{init|Mallory}} MAL
{{init|Sonia}} OWH
{{init|Jennie}} JTB
{{init|Dr. Hart}} DRH
{{init|Jack}} WYJ
{{init|Gina}} PG
{{init|Shadow}} OTS
{{init|Lucy}} Lucy


{{init|Kate}} A
{{init|Charlie}} COT
{{init|Gavin}} DG
{{init|Tariq}} T287
{{init|Sophie}} MKM
{{init|Jamie Bell}} HF
{{init|Steve}} SB
{{init|Julia}} PJS
{{init|Lee}} MRS
{{init|Lauren}} LP89
{{init|Terrence}} ToT
{{init|X}} FTO

LG15: The Resistance

{{init|Jonasr}} JTKO
{{init|Sarahr}} SIE
{{init|Reed}} RAB
{{init|Maggie}} HON
{{init|Danielr}} DB
{{init|Lifesbloodlabs}} LBL
{{init|Creatorsr}} CRE


{{init|Ola}} N1
{{init|Danieln}} DAN
{{init|Kama}} K26
{{init|Natan}} NO
{{init|Justyna}} LJ
{{init|Bartek}} BSF
{{init|Ursyn}} URS
{{init|Creatorsn}} CRE

LG15: The Last

{{init|Chasina}} CH_S
{{init|Mitch}} MIU
{{init|Jayde}} CIQ
{{init|Antonia}} TMM
{{init|Bray}} JTB
{{init|Sibylla}} SW
{{init|Xavier}} XW
{{init|Erica}} EFC
{{init|Creatorslast}} CRE

LG15: Outbreak

{{init|Crystal}} AG47
{{init|Will}} WA
{{init|Mason}} MIH
{{init|Spencerob}} LALR
{{init|Jordan}} 11
{{init|Mitchob}} MC
{{init|Emmaob}} E07
{{init|Creatorsoutbreak}} CRE


{{init|Cassieiswatching}} CiW

Creating your own initial

Creating your own initial is simple: Just choose the name that should call your initial, and create a subpage of Template:Init with that name! Everything on that subpage will be displayed when your initial is called.

For example, the initial for Jonas is called by {{init|Jonas}}, and shows the code from Template:Init/Jonas. The initial for Daniel is called by {{init|Daniel}}, and shows the code from Template:Init/Daniel.

The only thing to watch out for is that the name of your page must begin with a capital letter, and all other letters must be lowercase. Other than that, you should use a similar style as other initials, and you should pick a name that only consists of typable characters, but technically, you're not restricted to either. Remember to add your new initial to the appropriate list on Template:Init/Docs.