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Okay, so I put the KateCrewIndex back into the old format because I think the shows are different enough that they can have two layouts.

For LG15 Crew Index: We list the main characters, and then the main supporting characters. They have been seperated from "Other Actors and Cameos" becuase they are currently a major part of the plot. The Other Actors and Cameos section mostly contains other actors who were formerly very important, but no longer actively contribute to the show. Like Jessica Lee Rose, for instance.

On KM, however, the supporting people are all current. We aren't far enough along in the show to have "Former main characters" just yet. And listing ALL the cameos is crazy, because many of them were fairly insignificant, and it becomes tedious and tiresome to read/keep track of all of those names. I want to keep the lists, on both indexes clean and full of relevant information so they don't get too cluttered.

That's just my two cents, hope it made sense. --Zoey 23:59, 2 October 2007 (CDT)