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The Creators refers to the creators of the lonelygirl15 project. They are:

They have posted statements on the official forum on a couple of occasions as "The Creators". The Creators first spoke on Sept. 7 with A Message From The Creators, several hours before Richard Rushfield of the Los Angeles Times linked lonelygirl15 to the Creative Artists Agency.

The use of the term "The Creators" seem interesting since it would almost seem to be a biblical reference. It is not clear what message, if any, "The Creators" intended to send by the use of this phrase rather than conventional film production titles but it does seem to play into other religious references in the Lonelygirl15 plot. Because of its biblical reference the use of phrase The Creators suggest that the team that produced lonelygirl15 consider themselves as "Gods" or at least as people with a great deal of power. If they had been classical film producers they would have chosen the term "executive producers". However its quite possible that the term simply evolved out of the fact that they created the lonelygirl15 vlog.