The Human Ransom

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Template:Blog3 The Human Ransom is the one hundred thirtieth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(The video starts with scenes of a highway, scenery, and driving in a car. A sign says "La Brea Ave, Hollywood" Cut to driving through the city. Cut to a tall glass building, the camera zooms in on the top floors.)

(We see Bree inside the building, as Jonas films.)

Jonas: (offscreen) Sure you're ready for this?

Bree: Daniel saved my life. It's the least I can do. Take care of him, okay?

(Elevator opens and reveals Daniel blindfolded with hands tied, accompanied by Lucy and three other men in sunglasses.)

(Cut to Daniel (still blindfolded) and Bree hugging.)

Jonas: Bree, I… think they’re getting impatient.

(Lucy moves to cover the camera with her hand)

(Bree is still hugging Daniel)

(Cut to Bree in the elevator looking out with Lucy and the three men looking down. Door closes. Goes to black.)

Bree: Wait!! Stop!!

(Reversed footage of what we just saw plays back. Tachyon music kicks in as an Malaysia airplane lands at LAX and "Tachyon" flashes ascoss the screen.)

(More footage of driving, presumably from Brother's point of view.)

(Shot has a black/blue and white tint to them)

(Bree in elevator looking up.)

(The video returns to normal color. We see oil fields and more driving.)

(Shots now have a black/blue and white tint to them and are replaying what we just saw through Tachyon's perspective through cameras stationed in the hall, similar to her previous video and Brother's video)

Text: ATR – CAM 1 (Bree with Jonas as he is filming.)

Text: ELEVATOR NO. 2 (Inside the elevator with Lucy and men)

Text: ATR – CAM 2 (Doors opening with Daniel)

Text: ATR – CAM 3 (Same as last shot but at different angle and with Lucy in the frame.)

Text: ATR – CAM 4 (Front view of Daniel)

Text: ATR – CAM 5 (View from the side of Bree hugging Daniel and whispering something. Cut to facing Bree; we can clearly see she is saying something to him.)

(Cut to a far away shot of them hugging and Lucy crosses in front of them to block the camera Jonas is holding.)

Text: ATR – CAM 1 (Bree looking out of elevator towards Jonas and Daniel.)

(Cut to shot of a close up of the camera Jonas is holding and we can see Bree through the display screen.)

(Cuts to door closing as Bree makes a sudden move forward. (thought to match up to when she says "Wait!! Stop!!"))

Text: ATR – CAM 1 (Door closes. Jonas and Daniel are visible but Daniel now has his hands untied and the blindfold off.)

Text: ATR – GROUND 1 (Lower half of elevator door is seen closing as a flashbang is thrown in from the left. The video freezes, and the word "flash" appears in the upper left corner, then fades.)

Text: ATR – GROUND 2 (The video freezes again, the word "bang" appears in the lower right corner, then fades. Cut to black)

Text: for a girl who scored 112 the last time she went bowling, that's an impressive shot!

Text: ELEVATOR NO. 2 (Inside the elevator and then there is a white flash from the grenade. Cut to black.)

Bree: (offscreen) Daniel? RUN!!

(Goes back to normal color)

(We see a shot of a stair well. Bree is holding Daniel's hand as they run up the stairs. Jonas follows them with the camera.)

Jonas: Bree!?!

Bree: Go up the stairs

Jonas: Are you sure we can trust this guy? He’s not like really, Brother is he?

(The group reaches the top flight where a ladder leads to the roof.)

Bree: If she says we can trust him, we can trust him. I'll explain it to you later.

(Bree starts climbing the ladder)

Jonas: Go! Go! Go! Go!

(He pans down the stairs where Lucy can be seen chasing after them.)

Bree: Jonas, put down the camera...? (inaudible speech)

(A helicopter can now be heard)

(Bree continues climb as Jonas pans back.)

Jonas: Seriously, go!


  • Co-creators Mesh Flinders and Miles Beckett have cameo appearances as Watchers. The third watcher may be Greg Goodfried wearing a fake beard.
  • This is the first Crossover involving Tachyon directly in the series, although Daniel mentioned her in the video Homeless as the one who alerted him to the Order's tracking device in his car.
  • The Malaysian plane seen is thought to be the one with Tachyon on it from Fiji.
  • Helicopters have been seen in other videos but always thought to be connected with the Order not Tachyon.
  • the reference to bowling a 112 comes from one of Tachyon’s drop videos, Knock 'Em Down, which took place at Sea Bowl in Pacifica, CA.