The Last Work: 12PM

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Episode 300/2x145
The Last Work: 12PM

Thanks for this weapon of mass destruction

Blogger Gavin
Date Posted June 28th, 2008
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Length 9:21
Description I've done something really terrible but I'm on the right track now. Today is the day we're going to get the answers we're all owed.
Location(s) Grinstead
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Gavin
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Co-Executive Producer(s) Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
On-Set Producer Louis Figgis
Line Producer Kelly Brett
Production Co-Ordinator Elisabeth Pinto
Interactive Co-ordinator(s) Jonathan Almond
Production Runner(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Head Writer Luke Hyams
Vidplay Neil Mossey
Story Luke Hyams, Neil Mossey, and Lawrence Tallis
Editor(s) John Palmer
Gavin Ralf Little
Dr. Kavorkian Neil Mossey
Dr. Reece Lawrence Tallis
Terrence Matthew Gammie
Joseph Noel Clarke
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The Last Work: 12PM is the three-hundredth webisode in the KateModern video series. It is also the one-hundred forty-fifth video of season two.


(Color bars are seen and a high pitched noise is heard. The bottom of the screen reads, "St. Grinstead Psychiatric Research Institution" and next to it reads, "TCG" with a timer for the video. The color bars disappear and we see Gavin, Dr. Kavorkian, and Dr. Reece in a room. Gavin is sitting on a bed facing the two men and the camera is centered on him. Dr. Reece is turned at the camera, adjusting it. He turns back to Gavin.)

Dr. Reece: Eh, you don't mind if we film this, do you Gavin?

Gavin: Uh, no.

Dr. Reece: Good.

Gavin: No. It's c- it's cool. It's cool bananas, man. Cool. Ice cold. (Whispering) Cool.

Dr. Reece: Good.

Gavin: What's this for?

Dr. Reece: Oh, it's just for reference.

Gavin: Reference?

Dr. Reece: Mhm. (Nods)

Gavin: Sure.

Dr. Reece: Yeah.

Dr. Kavorkian: Gavin, as you know we've been monitoring your progress over the last few weeks with us and we're really, really happy with the signs of recovery you've been showing us.

Dr. Reece: Mmm, it's been a real improvement.

Dr. Kavorkian: But there is- there's still one aspect of your assessment that's... cause for concern and, well... it's entirely normal for- for people to... question their self-image, the face we present in the world. We'd like to do some work on that today. (Looks at camera) Are you sure you're okay with us filming this?

Gavin: Yeah.

Dr. Kavorkian: Because it just seems from your case notes that the- the sense of being viewed or tracked is... it's still an issue for you.

Gavin: So?

Dr. Kavorkian: So... what we'd like to do today is to try a- a little exercise.

(Dr. Reece hands Gavin a clipboard with a piece of paper.)

Dr. Kavorkian: W-what we'd like you to do is to- is to write or, or maybe even draw for us some sense of the emotions that- that surface while you're being recorded.

Gavin: I haven't got a pen.

Dr. Reece: Oh, sorry. (Hands Gavin a pen) Here.

Gavin: Thank you. (Holds pen to paper) You want me to show you with this (holds pen up) how I feel about that (points to camera)?

Dr. Kavorkian: Yeah, just- just give us some idea of the opportunities that the- having a camera in the room presents to you.

(Gavin goes to start writing on the paper but suddenly stabs Dr. Kavorkian in the leg with the pen. Dr. Kavorkian starts screaming and falls to the floor. Gavin gets up and beats Dr. Reece over the head with the clipboard. He grabs the camera, shows Dr. Reece on the floor, then Dr. Kavorkian. He grabs a set of master keys off a desk and runs out of the room, shutting the door behind him. He runs down the hall, passing a staff member along the way. He keeps running, checking around corner for people.)

Gavin: (winded) Welcome to Grinstead's loony bin. A place where The Order stores their problems. And it looks like I'm just reached my used by date. (Runs down another hallway) I'm so, so sorry I have not blogged in a while. It's very rude of me, I know. But it's a bit difficult to update your profile when they keep you away from sharp objects and technology after 1970. (Pans camera up and down hallways) But it's worse for some of the others. You see, it looks like I'm not the biggest problem The Order's got hidden away here. There's one patient I'm really quite worried about. And I dunno what they've done, but The Order's kept their face hidden at all times and they're under maximum security. So I think it might be someone we know. (Walks up to the door and zooms in on the handle) So let's go pay a visit (Holds up keys and jingles them) to Patient 12.

(Gavin inserts the key into the door and opens it. A person is lying on a hospital bed wrapped in a straight jacket with a covering over the head.)

Gavin: Kate? (The person lightly nods) Okay. (Pans Patient 12's body) Oh God. What have they... (pulls on a set of shackles holding Patient 12 to the bed) Is it really you, Kate? (Patient 12 nods) I knew it! I knew it! I knew if I just- if I just kept the faith and nobody believed me. What's happen- (pulls at head wrap) I can't get that off. (Pulls at straight jacket) Stay still. If I just (pulls off straight jacket) kept the faith. I knew I'd be proved right. (Pans camera to a bunch of wires connected to Patient 12) Stay still. (Rips wires from Patient 12. A buzzing noise is heard. Gavin walks over to Patient 12 and tries to pull off the head wrap.) Here you go, it's okay. (Patient 12 swats at Gavin and sends him tumbling to the floor. Gavin is panting on the floor) Oh shit!

(Gavin grabs the camera off of the floor and runs down a series of hallways. He turns around and Patient 12 can be seen running after him. Gavin runs down a side hallway, out of sight, and Patient 12 is seen running by. Gavin runs to an exit and activates the fire alarm. Sirens start ringing throughout the building, but the exit door won't open.)

Gavin: Please, anyone! (Bangs on door) Get me out! Help! (A man is seen through the window in the door) Hey, hey! Come here! Come here! Please get me out! Get me out! Come on, today! Hurry up! Yeah, that's it! Open the door! (The man stares at Gavin through the glass) Open the door, don't look at me, open the door! Please! Please, come on, now, today! (The man opens the door) Yes! Move!

(Gavin runs down the hallway and the man follows after him)

Joseph: Where are we going? Where are we going?

Gavin: Shush! Shh, shh, shh, shh! W-w-what's your name?

Joseph: Joseph. Joseph.

Gavin: Joseph, be quiet. Be quiet. Be quiet. We gotta get out of here. Okay? (Joseph runs ahead of him) Wait, Joseph!

Joseph: Where are we going?

Gavin: (Pushes him against the wall) Get back, get back! (Pans camera up and down the hallway) I've gotta get out of here! (Runs down a hallway)

Joseph: Where are you going?

Gavin: Don't- go away! Leave me alone!

Joseph: No, I--

Gavin: Shh, shh, shh!

Joseph: --I, I'm coming with you!

Gavin: Don't come with me. I don't need you to come with me. Just go away!

Joseph: But I wanna come with you!

Gavin: Ugh.

(Gavin opens the door to an office. He turns around to see if Joseph has left. He finds him standing in an awkward, still position. Gavin grabs him and pulls him into the office.)

Gavin: Shh, be quiet.

(Gavin films outside the office through the small window in the door. A doctor is seen running from a room down the hallway.)

Gavin: Woah. Ah, okay. (To Joseph) Hold this. (Hands camera to Joseph)

Joseph: Why- why are we hiding?

(Gavin turns around and looks to the far end of the room.)

Gavin: Hold on a second. (Runs to a filing cabinet and opens the top drawer) I don't believe it. The motherload. (Rummages through files) S, s, s, s... S! (Pulls a file out) I don't believe it. (Closes drawer and opens file) I don't believe it.

(Gavin walks over to the door and then back to the desk. He opens up the file on the desk and starts flipping through the papers inside one by one.)

Gavin: Yes... (slams hand on piece of paper and closes file)

(Gavin runs to the door and carefully opens it, making sure nobody is in the hallway. Joseph eagerly follows him with the camera.)

Joseph: Hey! Hey!

Gavin: Give me that! (Takes camera)

Joseph: What have we got? What have we got?

Gavin: I have... have gotta get out of here. You stay here. (Starts walking away) Stay!

(Gavin runs down the hallway. He stops at a corner, peeking around. Joseph suddenly appears in the shot.)

Joseph: I like this game.

(Gavin pulls Joseph back and they start running down a series of hallways. Eventually they make it to the main exit and Joseph takes the lead.)

Joseph: Three, two, one. (Runs down the stairs)

Gavin: I can't believe he can count to three.

Joseph: Come on. Come on. Shh! (Motions to get down) Shh! This is my game now.

Gavin: It's not a game. J- get off the stairs!

(Joseph stiffens up and tries to act "normal" and motions for Gavin to follow him. The two start humming and continue walking through the front lobby.)

Gavin: This is nice.

Joseph: Very nice. (Salutes the security guard)

Gavin: Yep, yep. Good afternoon.

(Cut to the pair exiting an elevator with Joseph still leading. He motions for Gavin to follow him and the two head out of a door leading to a parking garage.)

Gavin: Wait, Joseph! Where are we going? (Joseph starts running through the garage) Please stop running like that. You're drawing attention to us.

(Cut to outside the building where Joseph is still running.)

Gavin: All right, stop! Stop! Stop! Why are you here? Why are you following me?

Joseph: I didn't like it in there. (Getting upset) Every time we had dessert, they never let me have my cake! (Starts running again)

Gavin: All right. What did they do to you? Come on then, let's go!

Joseph: Where are we going?

Gavin: To an internet café, hurry up! Come on! (The two run away)


  • This video has several references to cassieiswatching with the quotes "this is my game now" and "this is not a game."