The Taylors

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The Taylors
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Siege and Conquer The Spider & It's Venom
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Age Unknown
Place of Origin En AU.gif Australia
Portrayed by Unknown

The Taylors are the adoptive parents of Leigh. A few weeks before Leigh meets the rest of the team, she is taken to the doctor by her parents and is diagnosed with diabetes. Not long after, Leigh overheard her parents talking about her adoption, and how they were planning on handing her over to the Hymn of One for the Ceremony.

Leigh is extremely distressed by this, and eagerly leaves her parents with Mitch when he arrives to convince her that they are trustworthy. Leigh's parents supposedly do not question Mitch's motives in visiting, believing that he is a friend of their daughter's. However, once Mitch is revealed as an agent of Sibylla Weave, it appears likely that the Taylors were well aware of what was going on. Further evidenced by this is the revelation that Xavier Weave had delivered the Epogen to their residence, which her parents had given to Leigh, tricking her into believing it was insulin.

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