The Unthinkable Happened

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Template:Blog3 The Unthinkable Happened is the 108th video in the Lonelygirl15 video series.


(Jonas and Daniel are sitting in a car. The camera is pointed at Jonas, who is in the driver's seat.)

Jonas: You know what, man, I gotta say that in your guy's videos, you make this shit seem... fun?

(Daniel and Jonas laugh. The camera turns to Daniel's face.)

Daniel: Oh yeah.

(Jonas leans in, towards the camera, and makes a strange noise. The camera turns towards Daniel.)

Daniel: What're you doing?

Jonas: I don't know man, I'm just so frickin' bored. You know, we should've got coffee or donuts, on a stakeout you're supposed to get donuts, right?

(Daniel laughs, and the camera turns back to Jonas.)

Jonas: At least we'd have something to eat.

Daniel: We need some donuts, man.

Jonas: Do you think that we're gonna make it back by New Year's?

Daniel: You got a--you got a party to go to?

Jonas: No, I don't have a party, but, you know, I like the song.

(Jonas imitates the instrumental part of Auld Lang Syne, and Daniel laughs.)

Jonas: I bet she knows. Last year, I, uhh, put on a Santa hat--

Daniel: Yeah?

Jonas: --and uhh, I think my left sock, and I skated around my buddy's--

(Daniel laughs.)

Daniel: Shut up, dude. Seriously.

Jonas: The police showed up. I swear man. I am not lying. I would not lie about--

Daniel: Oh shit.

(The camera shows Bree and her father leaving a building. They sit at a table outside. The camera shows the side of Jonas' head.)

Jonas: Let's just go get her. She's right there.

Daniel: Wait! Dude, they're talking. Hang on.

(The camera turns back to Bree and her father.)

Jonas: Why? Who's she--

Daniel: That's her dad, man. He looks freaked out. Can't just...barge in there.

(The camera is now looking out the windshield, as Jonas drives after them.)

Daniel: Okay, so, Bree and her dad-- They just jumped in the car, they took off. I just want to find out where they're going.

(The camera shows the side of Jonas' head.)

Jonas: Do you even know where we are right now?

Daniel: No.

Jonas: You sure that that's her dad? I mean--

Daniel: That's her dad!

(The camera shows the car Bree and her father are in again. Cut to the car going around a parking garage. The car drives around. The camera shows Jonas.)

Daniel: Where are they going?

(The camera shows the car driving a little more. Cut to the car parked near the roof.)

Daniel: There's their car.

Jonas: Cool. Good.

Daniel: Now we just gotta wait.

Jonas: Wait?

Daniel: Yeah.

(The camera shows Daniel.)

Daniel: Yeah, so, we're just sitting around now.

(The camera sees Bree and her father walking towards their car. A car pulls between them and their car. The camera begins shaking as Daniel and Jonas run towards them. Two people get out of the car, and move towards Bree's father.)

Daniel: Bree!

(To Thee We Sing (Rachmaninov) by Kyiv Chamber Choir plays. Bree runs into Daniel's arms, they turn around, and run back to Jonas' car. A gunshot is heard. Bree screams. The camera turns towards Daniel, who is dragging Bree. All three get into the car.)

Daniel: Go, go, go, go!

(The car drives out of the parking garage, and the screen turns white.)


  • Due to the poor lighting in the garage, and the constant camera movement in the last scene, it is unclear who was shot.
  • When you look out the window of Jonas' car, there is a man near the scene of the incident standing on his own, and it looks like he's wearing the hat that Bree's dad was wearing, so it looks like Bree's dad wasn't shot.