The one that got away

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Episode 109/1x109
The one that got away

Get on your knees and beg!

Blogger Tariq
Date Posted November 14th, 2007
Length 3:03
Description We went to meet Lee to get the software back but Gavin messed the whole thing up… What the hell are we going to do now?
Location(s) On a bridge, at a train station
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Tariq
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Co-Executive Producer(s) Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
Associate Producer(s) Cristy Coors Beasley
Series Producer(s) Pete Gibbons
Line Producer Kelly Brett
Production Co-Ordinator Claire Finbow
Interactive Co-ordinator(s) Jonathan Almond
Production Runner(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Director(s) Gavin Rowe (BigBalls Films)
Head Writer Luke Hyams
Vidplay Hazel Grian and Luke Hyams
Story Miles Beckett, Luke Hyams, and Hazel Grian
Editor(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Gavin Ralf Little
Tariq Jai Rajani
Lee Sam Donovan
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The one that got away is the one-hundred ninth webisode in the KateModern video series. This video was uploaded to YouTube and the KateModern site as "The One That Got Away".


(Gavin and Tariq are inside someone's house, presumably Aunt Joan's. Gavin is looking out the front window.)

Tariq: Who...who is it, who is it?

Gavin: I can't tell. Have a look. (Gavin opens the front door) Is it clear?

Tariq: I don't know... (the camera moves from side to side as he looks around a small courtyard) ...yeah, yeah, yeah; come on.

(Tariq and Gavin walk quickly towards the street.')

Gavin: Right, um, we've stuck our heads over the- the parapet. And, uh, we're now headed into No Man's Land to sign a peace treaty with the enemy.

Tariq: Basically, Lee called, and we're going to go meet him, and we're going to make him give back our extremely secret valuable software, which he stole.

Gavin: That's what I just said.

Tariq: Come on, cross. Cross, cross, cross. (Tariq and Gavin cross the street.) Where are we meeting him, anyway?

(Scene cuts to a computer showing a MSN Live Search Maps for sunbury train station, then a map of the station and surrounding area, then an aerial photo of the station.)

(Scene cuts to Gavin walking towards a motorway overpass.)

Gavin: There he is.

(The camera zooms in on Lee standing in the middle of the overpass, then pans back to Gavin who is walking quickly towards Lee.)

Tariq: Oh, Gav!

Gavin: (Gesturing angrily at Lee on the overpass.) What's he standing like that for! (Gaving runs over to Lee.) Where's our software, Lee? (Tariq attempts to restrain Gavin.) Give us our software now. Where is it?

Lee: Say the magic word, Gavin.

Tariq: For God's sake, Lee!

Lee: Say- say "I'm sorry". Say "Please forgive me, Lee, for treating you so badly".

Gavin: I've already said that.

Lee: Say it again!

Gavin: I'm sorry, Lee, please forgive me for treating you so badly, now give us our software.

Lee: (Laughs.) Right, now you, Tariq - down on your knees.

Tariq: What?

(Lee points downward. Tariq whips the camera around to look at Gavin and then back at Lee.)

Gavin: Just do it, man.

(Tariq gets on his knees.)

Lee: Right. Now say "Pleeeease, Lee, pleeeease can I have my discs back? Please?"

Tariq: (Looks at Gavin.) Please, Lee, please can I have my discs back? Please, please?

Lee: (Grinning triumphantly.) No. Because I haven't got 'em.

Gavin: What?

Tariq: What?

Lee: I haven't got 'em because I've hidden 'em!

(Camera pans to Gavin, who looks confused. Gavin lunges at Lee and chases him down, off the bridge.)

Tariq: Oh, shit!

(Gavin runs up to two different tunnels, and the camera catches Lee in the first one.)

Tariq: There, there, there, there, there!

(Gavin runs down the first tunnel, around a barrier and into a second one.)

Gavin: C'mere, you! Come here, you little bastard, where's our software?!

(Gavin continues to yell after Lee, who screams. Tariq falls and puts the camera on the ground.)

Gavin: What the hell are you doing?

Tariq: (Stumbles from behind the camera.) What the hell are you doing, Gavin? We nearly had it back until you gone and had a go at him!

Gavin: I didn't have a go at him, he didn't have it on him. You heard him say that.

Tariq: And now we won't even get it back, Gavin! We're stuffed, yeah? We're totally and completely screwed. (Gavin crouches on the ground.) Why is it that everything you do just turns to shit?

Gavin: (Gets up and pushes Tariq.) You've got to be fucking joking. (Gavin pushes Tariq again.) I'm the one who's carried you! Useless prick!

(Tariq attacks Gavin, and the two begin fighting.)

Tariq: You want it, Gav? C'mon! Yeah? Let's have a go. C'mon. It's your fault, Gavin!

Gavin: You know, fuck you, Tariq. (Gavin walks away from the fight and kicks the camera.)