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*[[Virgil]] was the one who shot the shadow when [[BDJ]] were kidnapped in Las Vegas
*[[Virgil]] was the one who shot the shadow when [[BDJ]] were kidnapped in Las Vegas
*[[Virgil]] was the one who was watching over Daniel after he read the email left by Bree
*[[Virgil]] was the one who was watching over Daniel after he read the email left by Bree
*[[Virgil]] is not returning
<table><tr valign="top"><td width="50%">'''Disproven'''
*[[Virgil]] is not returning.

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This page is used to post your theories about characters, not including ARG characters such as Tachyon, CiW, etc. You can put anything from what the character's motives are, what they will do in the next video, or even what something from their first video meant.



  • She is a moonchild.
  • The Order didn't kill Bree, they made it look like she died so Daniel and Jonas would stop chasing her.
  • Bree is not dead, but will not be returning.
  • Bree may be Kate's biological sister.
  • Bree was pregnant when she died
  • Bree is in the mountains near Sedona.
  • The blogs in which Bree did the ceremony were faked by BDJ (Remember, Daniel is a film school student). This was done to make the Order think that Bree is dead, so Bree could safely hide. (Disproved. Lucy was there.)
  • Bree gave her self up to the Order, because she was dying of the the same disease as Gina.


  • Daniel is working for the order.
  • Daniel will fall in love with Sarah.
  • Daniel was in love with Bree

The Order

  • The Elders are the only ones who have information about the Order.
  • Though members of the Order are also members of the Hymn Of One, they are two separate factions.
  • When the Order attempted to kidnap Emma, they were supposed to kill Jonas as well.
  • They didn't use the Ceremony to lure Emma in because they feared she might have seen the lg15 videos.
  • The Order does all of it's out of country business in Mexico because it is weakened by free health insurance, such as that found in Canada.(not serious)
  • The Order performed Bree's ceremony incorrectly, and she was not actually supposed to die.


  • Jonas will become brainwashed by the Order.
  • Jonas will fall in love with Sarah.


  • Taylor returns to California to help with Jonas and Daniel to get Sarah back
  • Taylor is a plant by the Order.
  • Taylor is not biologically related to Sarah.
  • She will use her knowledge of computer hacking to help take down the Order.
  • Taylor is with the Order and trying to distract Spencer Gilman.


  • Sarah is a plant by the Order.
  • Sarah is not related to Taylor by blood.
  • Sarah texted the Watchers in the Season 1 Finale.
  • She is trait positive and the creepy guy is working with the person who kidnapped Bree, Daniel, and Jonas.
  • Sarah has more than a 'passing interest' in Emma
  • Sarah loves Jonas.
  • Sarah will become brainwashed by the Order.
  • Sarah loves Daniel.
  • Sarah's emotional distress (at the beginning of Season 2) is because she is pregnant. (This could be theoretically true, but the baby could not have been carried to term as Sarah never shows any signs of pregnancy, so it is most likely not.)
  • She is pregnant, and the crash diet of Lullaby Project food will cause major problems. (Speculation toward Sarah's pregnancy are from her time with Gross Guy; if she had gotten pregnant at the time, hiding her pregnancy would be very difficult several months afterward.)

Bree's Mom

Drew Avery

  • He was never part of the Order.
  • He was really working for the Resistance.
  • He is still alive.
  • He died because he tried to make Bree trait negative (as did Isaac Gilman).


  • She is still with the Order and gave Daniel a fake blood sample.
  • After helping the BDJ obtain the blood sample, she was imprisoned or executed for betraying the Order.
  • Alex and Lucy are biological sisters

Jonas's Parents

  • They will be found by Alex and help the Resistance.
  • Jonas's mom is the nurse that helped perform Bree's ceremony.
  • The family Jonas visited in A Family Affair are not his real parents.


  • Jules is dead.


  • Gemma was really not part of the Order. They found her and forced her to help them.
  • She lied about living in London to protect herself from the Order.
  • Everything she says in her blogs is true.
  • Gemma is still alive.
  • Gemma is Tachyon, and pretended to expose herself as part of the Order so that the Order would not suspect her.
  • Gemma is broadcasting herself, post-OpAphid, through the YouTube account GemmaReturns.


  • Lucy did not have knowledge of the Ceremony, and was therefore unable to answer Bree's questions about it.
  • After learning the truth about the Ceremony, Lucy is now trying to help TAAG.
  • Many Lucy's exist, possibly as an attempt to keep watch over all the girls, and if one should go into another Lucy's area, the girl will feel comfortable, thinking that Lucy is their Lucy.
  • Lucy is OpAphid or working for them. (The characters Tachyon/OpAphid/Brother cannot legally be used by The Creators)

The Mistress

  • The Mistress is a member of the Resistance.
  • The Mistress knows Bree.
  • The Mistress is Bree's biological mother.
  • The Mistress is in the Order and killed Isaac Gilman.
  • Rebecca is the Mistress.
  • The Mistress is the girl in "who's that girl?" video


  • Rebecca is the girl in the photograph with Lucy seen in the video Uncle Dan.
  • Rebecca sings the Hymn of One.
  • Rebecca staged the party to get information on Bree for OpAphid.

The Party Guests


Bree's Biological Parents

  • They died and the Order took Bree. (considering that Emma's first adoptive parents died, this is highly likely)
  • After Bree was taken from them, they began working for the Resistance.

Isaac Gilman

  • He is the specialist who faked his death in Kate Modern.

Spencer Gilman

  • Spencer is Bree's brother.
  • Spencer is a plant by the order.
  • Spencer will finish the task that Bree left for Daniel and Jonas: save the other ceremony girls.
  • Spencer will see KateModern and attempt to break back into the Wyman Foundation and steal Kate's blood sample and save her from the ceremony.
  • Spencer and Taylor will eventually end up together
  • Spencer will appear in KateModern
  • Spencer will no longer appear on Lonelygirl15
Proven Disproven
  • Spencer's role will become more significant in the second season. Since he was able to make the serum, he will have to see Daniel and Jonas again so they can make the Ceremony girls trait negative.

Nikki Bower

The Watchers

  • The Watchers are protecting BDJ, not trying to kidnap them.


  • Virgil is Emma's biological father.
  • Virgil was the one who shot the shadow when BDJ were kidnapped in Las Vegas
  • Virgil was the one who was watching over Daniel after he read the email left by Bree


  • Shadows and Watchers are against each other within the HoO. (i.e. LaRezisto vs. Watcher)


  • LaRezisto is working against TAAG.
  • LaRezisto is the man in black outside of Daniel's house. He was responsible for Deep Throat and for Alex's betrayal of the Order. When Bree returned to the Hymn Of One unbrainwashed, LaRezisto contacted her and together, they devised a plan to send the email with code that would notify LR when Daniel had opened the message, showing that he was ready to find the other girls.
  • LaRezisto isn't a single person, it is a group similar to the Order, with members all over the world.


  • Scott is the Gross Guy.
  • Scott was written out of the show.
  • The character's name, Scott, was changed to Virgil.


  • She has an early bedtime because she has to build up strength for the ceremony.
  • She was abducted as a baby (Dr. Griffin explains in Dr. Weirdo that as a rule, trait positive girls are abducted as babies).
  • She took Purple Monkey and the other stuffed friends with her when she left.
  • She was adopted by Jonas's parents around age 9 (Jonas's parents disappeared 6 years ago and Emma is now around age 15).
  • Emma is dying of the same illness that Gina has. (While Emma does not seem to be dying, Jonas confirms that her illness is the same as Gina's)
  • She has the power to kill any person who have trait-positive blood, especially the Elders.
  • Following the events in What Happened?, Emma will no longer be a main character. (She still makes regular appearances.)


  • Mallory is a plant by the order.
  • Mallory is trait positive.
  • Mallory and Daniel will break up because of Daniel helping the other girls.
  • Mallory will break up with Daniel because of Sarah.
  • Mallory is using the film school to distract Daniel from fighting the Order.
Proven Disproven
  • Mallory will see the lg15 videos and help Daniel save the other girls. (She has seen the videos, but continues to not want Daniel to go & fight)

Purple Monkey

Warning! This section really does contains humor. If it's hard for you to deal with that, please move along.

  • Purple Monkey is trait positive. (PROVEN!!!!!)
  • Purple Monkey is LaRezisto. (PROVEN!!!!!)
  • Purple Monkey will give himself up to protect TAAG. (PROVEN!!!!!)
  • Purple Monkey is awesome! (PROVEN!)
  • Purple Monkey was a plant by the Order. (DISPROVEN: Purple Monkey IS the Order!)
  • Purple Monkey is a reversible hand puppet
  • Purple Monkey was made in China(PROVEN!!!!!)
  • Purple Monkey will be lost, and found by Kate
  • Purple Monkey killed Gemma as revenge for insulting him.
  • Purple Monkey's real name is Kate
  • Purple Monkey is in the mountains near Sedona.
  • Purple Monkey is in the Hymn of One.
  • Purple Monkey got it from his mama. (PROVEN.)
  • Purple Monkey and Bree had a secret love affair until he cheated on her with Sarah, and then Bree broke it off. (Totally proven.)
  • Purple Monkey invented his name to protect himself from the order(Of course that is proven)
  • Mallory is cheating on Daniel with Purple Monkey(Figures)


Kate (Genevieve)

  • Kate lied about her name to protect herself from someone, possibly the Order. The order is the connection to lg15.
  • Kate is the New Girl that Alex mentioned.
  • Kate will join the HoO and Gavin, Tariq, and Charlie will try to save her.
  • Kate is a parallel character to Bree.
  • Kate may be Bree's biological sister.
  • The people that wiped Jonas's parents' memories did the same to Kate.
  • She is a compulsive/knowing liar and lied about making up the alias Kate.
  • Kate will appear in lonelygirl15.
  • Kate's body is being harvested for Michelle Clore to transfer into.
  • Michelle Clore is Kate's biological sister or mother.
  • Kate is a werewolf and had transformed on the night of August 2nd to August 3rd: this explains her memory loss.
  • Reappears with the LIST
  • Kate killed Dr. Griffin
  • Kate really is going to America to study art with Michelle Clore (Proven on her Bebo profile)
  • Kate and Bree are twins. (Kate is 19 while, at the time of her death, Bree was only 17)
  • Before becoming Kate, she stayed in a mental institution.
  • Kate is dead and her spirit is haunting Gavin. (Appears in Coming Home For Xmas.)


  • Charlie's parents are members of the Order.
  • Charlie is Tariq's ex-girlfriend.
  • Charlie is Gemma's ex-flatmate
  • Charlie is Gemma's sister
  • Charlie was once pregnant and lost the baby through miscarriage, abortion, or adoption.
  • Charlie is a parallel character to Daniel and Taylor.
  • Charlie is a parallel character to Sarah.
  • Charlie is working for the HoO or, possibly, the Order.
  • Charlie had a falling out with her family and can't return home. This is why she always talks about how she wishes she could go home.
  • Charlie will move in with Gavin after she got evicted
  • Charlie's sister and niece are dead (possibly killed by the Order) and that's why she misses them so much. (Charlie put one message in her video "Tell Kim I Love Her",to tell her niece that Charlie loves her.)


  • Gavin is a member of the HoO or the Order.
  • Gavin is a member of the Resistance.
  • Gavin is a parallel character to Jonas, which could mean that he also has connections to the Order.
  • Gavin kidnapped Kate.
  • Gavin and Tariq will be arrested for making the spy software.
  • Gavin had a past involvement with Kate, which has yet to be revealed.
  • Gavin and Tariq are good friends, but he barely knows Kate.
  • Gavin will see the lg15 videos and ask Jonas for a loan.


  • Tariq is a parallel character to Daniel.
  • Tariq and Gavin will be arrested for making the spy software
  • Tariq's date will have some connection to HoO/The Order


  • Steve is a member of the Order
  • He will use his inside knowledge to help Kate and her friends.
  • Steve is a parallel character to Alex. (Steve's going back to the HoO)

Aunt Joan

  • Aunt Joan is related to Jonas.
  • Aunt Joan is the girl from the 1943 abduction.


  • Sophie is working with Nikki Bower.



Dr. William Griffin

  • He is the Rogue Elder Larezisto works for. (disproven)

Michelle Clore

  • She is the woman from Awful Dream.
  • Michelle Clore is preparing to steal Kate's body and youth.
  • Her touch "burned" Kate somehow. (Kate saw "flashes of dreams when she was touched.")
  • Michelle Clore is the Rogue Elder.




  • Lee is a parallel character to Spencer
  • Lee is a plant by the Order
  • Lee will be killed by the Order
  • Lee knows where Kate (Genevieve) is
  • Lee is trying to lead Tariq, Gavin, and Charlie to Kate (Genevieve)
  • Lee will recover the list
  • Lee will sell the spy software to the Order (He intended to return the software at the end of the puzzles but the Order stole it)


  • Terrence is in the order
  • He is a shadow
  • Going to be killed

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