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This page is used to post your theories about LG15: The Resistance characters. You can put anything from what the character's motives are, what they will do in the next video, or even what something from their first video meant.

Main Characters


Proven Disproven
  • Daniel will die in the lg15 season 2 finale.
  • Daniel's paranoia will get him killed.
  • Daniel is dead.


  • Jonas knew that he was trait positive. This is why he cares so much about saving trait positive girls.
  • Jonas will become brainwashed by the Order.
  • Jonas will fall in love with Sarah.
  • Jonas will fall in love with Reed.
  • Jonas does not trust TAAG and will do things on his own.
  • Jonas will accidentally shoot himself with one of his guns one day (and no ladies, not the ones on his arms).
  • Jonas will fall in love with Jennie.
  • In Jonas chest a microchip is implanted that holds the key to annihilating the Order.
  • Jonas is the first trait-positive male in a millennium.
  • Jonas will fall in love with Maggie.
  • Jonas was killed by Virgil.
  • Jonas will die in the season 2 finale.
  • Jonas will find Bree when he is in London.
  • Jonas will get killed in London.
  • Jonas was supposed to be partner Elders with Bree.
  • Jonas is supposed to be an Elder, like he was bred to be. He will become an elder in the series finale.
  • Jonas was kidnapped by the Order because they knew about the chip, and want it. (His kidnapping was to fulfill a prophecy.)
  • Jonas will ascend to Elder after killing Sarah in the season finale whether he meant to or not, giving him the opportunity to destroy the Order from the inside, out.


  • Maggie's family is in the Hymn of One, and adopted her for the Ceremony.
  • Maggie is currently pregnant with Jonas's child, but Sarah doesn't know.
  • Maggie is Reed's sister.
  • Maggie is a plant by either the Order or LifesBlood Labs.
  • Maggie's body is somehow able to turn all trait positive girls trait negative.
  • Maggie is an agent in the Hymn of None.
  • Maggie is trait positive. She is now missing because she escaped LifesBlood Labs and is now on the run.
  • Maggie is the leader of the Hymn of None.
  • Maggie will fall in love with Jonas.
  • Maggie is dead.


  • Reed is a Watcher.
  • Reed is in the Hymn of One.
  • Reed will have a relationship with Sarah.
  • Everything Reed says in his videos has a double meaning.
  • Reed works in a clothing store or is studying fashion design, and that is why two of his rants are about clothes.
  • Reed's father is Dr. Hart.
  • Reed's father is Leonard Alderman.
  • Before going to school in Chicago, Reed grew up in the state of Wisconsin, indicated by the Wisconsin Badgers shirt worn during his first appearance on the show.
  • Reed is canon.
  • Reed is simply a fan who was featured on


  • Sarah will die.
  • Sarah will sacrifice her life for the Hymn of None.
  • Sarah is actually pretending that she betrays the Hymn of None for eternal life. She is spying into the Order. Her purpose is to thoroughly eliminate the Order (to protect her mother, Taylor, and her friends).
  • Sarah will try to kill Daniel.
  • Sarah is not related to Taylor by blood.
  • Sarah texted the Watchers in the Season 1 Finale.
  • She is trait positive and Gross Guy is working with the person who kidnapped Bree, Daniel, and Jonas.
  • Sarah has more than a 'passing interest' in Emma.
  • Sarah will become pregnant with a trait positive baby.
  • Sarah will have a relationship with Reed.
  • Sarah and Maggie are biological sisters.
  • Sarah is Reed's sister
  • Sarah is an Elder, or at least very high ranking in the Order.
  • Sarah will become an Elder after the events of "Day of Atonement".
  • Sarah and Daniel will get back together.
  • Sarah loves Daniel.
  • Sarah will become brainwashed by the Order.
  • Sarah and Taylor's home town, Zavalla, Texas is a major Order stronghold.
  • Sarah is a plant by the Order.
  • Sarah's emotional distress (at the beginning of Season 2) is because she is pregnant. (This could be theoretically true, but the baby could not have been carried to term as Sarah never shows any signs of pregnancy, so it is most likely not.)
  • She is pregnant, and the crash diet of Lullaby Project food will cause major problems. (Speculation toward Sarah's pregnancy are from her time with Gross Guy; if she had gotten pregnant at the time, hiding her pregnancy would be very difficult several months afterward.)
  • Sarah is lying about running off with Carl.
  • Sarah will kill Carl. (Carl killed himself.)
  • Sarah is pregnant as a result of "hooking up" with Carl in Mexico.(True that she hooked up with Carl but she did not get pregnant.)
  • Sarah is Lord Carruthers. (When Lord Carruthers was receiving Bree's blood during the Ceremony, Sarah was with TAAG.)
  • Sarah and Taylor are in the Order, as is everybody else in Zavalla, Texas. (Sarah has admitted to working for the Order, but it's unlikely that an entire town would be part of it. Taylor was never revealed as a traitor to TAAG.)
  • Sarah will become an Elder in the series finale.
  • Sarah will admit her evil intentions throughout the series against TAAG and will die in the season finale by the doing of one of them. (Sarah admitted to having worked for the Order prior to the season finale of LG15, but she implied that she had no choice. Her evil intentions were only admitted in the first season finale of LG15: The Resistance.)
  • Sarah will die defending TAAG in the series finale.
  • Sarah will die during the "Day of Atonement".

Other Characters


  • Beaumont is a Watcher.
  • Beaumont is Jonas' brother.
  • Beaumont is Reed's brother.
  • Beaumont is dead.
  • He did not really rescue Maggie. Instead, he stole her from LifesBlood Labs for the ceremony, on the Order's instructions. (The Order tricked him to get Maggie out of LBL)
  • Beaumont is the one behind helping Sarah in Boston. (Sarah killed him before she went to Boston)


  • Estelle is still in love with Reed.
  • She is a member of the Hymn of One.
  • She works for LifesBlood Labs.
  • Estelle is dead.

Leonard Alderman

  • Leonard Alderman is a member of the Order.
  • He is actually Lord Carruthers.
  • He knows Maggie.


  • Lucy is Sarah and Taylor's mother
  • Lucy is Kate's biological mother.
  • Lucy is the true leader/head of the Hymn of One and the Order.
  • After the deaths of the Rogue Elder and William Porter, Lucy has been upgraded to Elder.
  • Lucy is Lord Carruthers's Shadow.
  • Lucy is in love with Jonas.
  • Lucy is still alive and will return in the Series Finale.
  • Lucy is OpAphid or working for them. (The characters Tachyon/OpAphid/Brother cannot legally be used by The Creators)
  • Lucy did not have knowledge of the Ceremony, and was therefore unable to answer Bree's questions about it.
  • After learning the truth about the Ceremony, Lucy is now trying to help TAAG.
  • Many Lucys exist, possibly as an attempt to keep watch over all the girls, and if one should go into another Lucy's area, the girl will feel comfortable, thinking that Lucy is their Lucy.
  • Lucy will become an Elder in the season 3 finale.
  • It is possible that because Lucy is always shown to have sunglasses on, even when she is alone in her apartment, she keeps them on because she suffers extreme paranoia and is constantly on edge about being watched by TAAG.
  • Lucy is dead.

The Order

  • The Order didn't use the Ceremony to lure Emma in because they feared she might have seen the lg15 videos.
  • Lord Carruthers is the head Elder of the Order. (It was confirmed by Carl.)
  • Though members of the Order are also members of the Hymn Of One, they are two separate factions.
  • The Order performed Bree's ceremony incorrectly, and she was not actually supposed to die.
  • The Elders are the only ones who have information about the Order.
  • When the Order attempted to kidnap Emma, they were supposed to kill Jonas as well. (According to The Ascension, Jonas was needed alive.)
  • All members of the Order will accept Jonas as head of the Order in the Series Finale. Jonas will then dissolve it.

The Shadows

  • Shadows and Watchers are against each other within the Hymn of One. (i.e. LaRezisto vs. Watcher)

The Watchers

  • The Watchers are protecting BDJ, not trying to kidnap them.

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