To Dr. Arscott (from the community)

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Episode 56/3x020
To Dr. Arscott (from the community)

Dear Professor Arscott...

Blogger Marla
Date Posted February 26th, 2008
Length 2:05
Description Here is a video that Maddison's friends have put together.

Dr. Arscott, if you see this before I contact you, feel free to email me at


And thanks to everyone who contributed

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KellyLen Kelly Lenahan
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Jenni Jenni Powell
Greg Greg Gallows
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To Dr. Arscott (from the community) is the fifty-sixth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the twentieth video of chapter three.


KellyLen: (Sitting on the bed in her room) Dear Professor Arscott,

I represent the community which is dedicated to finding out the answers behind Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott’s tragic death. We’re also very dedicated in helping your student Clara Stokes, finish her thesis project so that she can graduate.

Many of us have gotten very close to Maddison, and are also very close to Clara, and we’d like to help them both out. We are a tight knit community and we are very set on helping your student find out more about our friend.

By soliciting Clara Stokes to take on this tragedy as her thesis project, it is understood that you are aware of the questions and the possible emotional and physical ramifications of this project. Our recent attempts at uncovering information about the deaths of Maddison and Adam have not been as productive as we would have liked.

We decided to contact you, the advisor. My question for you is how were you connected to Maddison? How did you know her? And, how did the death of Maddison affect you and the Nacogdoches community? Any information that you have would be helpful. I would like to thank you in advance for your time. An email address will be provided in the video description so that you can write back to us, or make your own video if you would like.

If you can, help.

(Several people were shown also saying “if you can,help”. List of contributors may not be in order:


Jenni Powell
Greg Gallows