Truckstop Reunion

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Template:Blog4 Truckstop Reunion is the one hundred fifty-eighth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(Jonas and Daniel are in a car driving.)

Daniel: Well, we're on our way to pick up Bree, and, uh, I can't wait, kind of miss her. But she said for us to meet her at some sort of truckstop, I don't know. Dude, I, uh, I still can't believe your aunt Alex is in the Order, man. I'm sorry, man, I should have listened to you.

Jonas: Nah, it's cool.

Daniel: Do you think she was telling the truth?

Jonas: About what?

Daniel: Uh, about your parents?

Jonas: I don't know, man. I mean, she, she could have been bluffing, but I don't know.

Daniel: But, then what?

Jonas: When my parents first...disappeared, I-I didn't believe that they were dead. I-I don't know, I just wanted to believe that they were alive and the, and the grief counselors and the psychiatrists said that I-I just was holding on to that because I never actually saw their bodies.

Daniel: Yeah.

(Cut to Bree who is at a truckstop waiting for Jonas and Daniel to arrive)

Bree: Here I am, at a truckstop. I've just decided that...this life of running from the Order just isn't for me. And, I'm gonna get my trucker's license. Yep! I came to the decision about five minutes ago. I don't know, they just seem so, relaxed, like they don't have a care in the world. Is someone really gonna get that mad if they don't deliver it at...six o'clock on Tuesday? Actually, they probably would. The boys were supposed to be here, like...twenty minutes ago? Not that worried though, because knowing Jonas, they're probably lost. It happens, oh, I don't know, every time we go somewhere.

(Cut back to Jonas and Daniel driving)

Daniel: We already passed it.

Jonas: No way, man.

Daniel: Uh, yeah.

Jonas: Uh, no.

Daniel: Honestly, (a helicopter is seen in the distance) where the hell are we?

(Cut back to Bree at the truckstop)

Bree: Oh, look. (Bree watches a truck leaving the truckstop.) That could be me someday. I'll let you know how my trucker's license thing goes. (nods and waves)

(Cut back to Jonas and Daniel. A helicopter is seen again.)

Jonas: This is the spot.

Daniel: You're lost!

Jonas: Look, if I was going to build a truckstop, this is where I'd do it.

Daniel: (laughs) I would too, but, uh, we passed where the actual truckstop is.

Jonas: That was not a truckstop. That is what we call a "house of the ladies".

Daniel: That was... (laughs) Whatever.

Jonas: Trust me, that was not a truckstop.

Daniel: You should have listened to me, my navigation skills are impeccable!

Jonas: All roads lead to truckstops eventually.

Daniel: This is the place, right? I mean...

Jonas: I...don't know. It's a truckstop. Oh, there's somebody.

Daniel: There she is.

Jonas: That's not her.

Daniel: No, what is she wearing?

Jonas: That's her.

(They stop to pick up Bree)

Daniel: (to Bree) Hey, nice shirt. (laughs)

Jonas: Need a ride?

(They park the car and Bree picks up her bag.)

Jonas: Hey, I'll take it.

(Jonas takes the camera and Daniel and Bree hug)

Daniel: How are you? I haven't seen you forever, it feels like.

Bree: I know.

Daniel: Except, I'm not even sure it's you.

Bree: Shut up.

Daniel: Whatev...I don't know, you look,

Jonas: Hey, Thelma, where's Louise?

Bree: Shut up.

Daniel: (as Bree gets in the front seat) Ohhh!

Bree: I want shotgun.

Jonas: Hey, Daniel, take the camera?

Daniel: If we ever do this again and I hope we don't, can we not try and meet you at a truckstop because that was kinda...

Bree: Got lost?

Daniel: That's what I was gonna say, it was a pain to find. We did get lost.

Bree: You always get lost. (laughs)

Daniel: Ah, terrible stuff.

Jonas: I never get lost. We talked about this earlier. It's a journey.

Daniel: I have it on camera you get lost.

Jonas: Life is a journey.

(Cut to them driving later)

Daniel: Come on, Bree, it's important. Come on, just say it again.

Bree: Daniel, this is silly.

Daniel: No! Say it!

Bree: I, uh...said to Jonas that I was sorry, and I'm sorry for...doubting you.

Daniel: Jonas, come on, man.

Jonas: Daniel...

Daniel: Come on, dude.

Jonas: I said the same thing 'cause I'm sorry too. I really am, too. I mean, after, after what happened with my aunt, I can...really understand how...confusing things can get when someone that you trust betrays you, you know and Gemma. (Bree nods.) It's hard to know who to trust.

(Cut to car stopped)

Daniel: Hey, what is that?

Bree: What? Ice Breakers Sours Gum.

Daniel: Can I have a piece?

Jonas: I would-I would love a piece.

Bree: Um... I only have four left.

Daniel: What do you mean, you...There's only three of us in the car!

Jonas: Come on...

Bree: I know, but I...

Daniel: Come on. We came all the way out here to pick you up. That's exactly right, so, uh...

Jonas: So what? That's it?

Bree: Okay.

Daniel: Besides, my mouth right now feels like...

Bree: Okay, okay, okay.

(Bree pours out the four pieces of gum in her hand and holds it out.)

Daniel: Alright, thank you!

(Jonas and Daniel reach out their hands to get some, but Bree puts them all in her mouth instead.)

Jonas: Oh, that's so messed up.


Bree: Whoa, it's sour.

Jonas: You give us this big buildup and no delivery.

Bree: Okay, lets go. Why are we sitting here?

Daniel: (turns the camera toward himself briefly) We're not friends anymore, that's it.

Bree: It's time to go. Time to go.

Daniel: Hey, you all stretched out?

Bree: Come on, let's go.

Jonas: I gotta finish my stretches.

Bree: All right, hurry up.

Daniel: Come on, lunchbasket.

Jonas: It's really important for the back.

Bree: Stop it. Stop procrastinating.

Jonas: All right, c'mon let's go.


  • Jonas has something hanging from his rearview mirror, probably a parking pass.
  • This video features a helicopter.
  • After much anticipation of an ad placement, LG15's producers apparently decided that a casual name-brand reference was satisfactory, a continuation of the feeling of reality to the series.
  • This video is next installment of the new OpAphid game Parallax, in which the same story is told from multiple perspectives. This video, however, is the first to do it in one video. So far there have been two other installments, the night Jonas breaks into his house is shown in both Is He Out There? and Proving Bree Wrong, and the fashion party is shown in Uncle Dan and Uncle Dan (D-Bone Remix)