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I made this page because that red link was even more tiring than pl*tholes.

So, I'm Bobby G. 'Sup? I'm addicted to lonelygirl15 and KateModern. Bree Avery is my favourite lonelygirl15 character; Lauren and Lee are my joint favourites from KM. I could fill this page up with userboxes, but I'm too lazy to do that.

I don't tend to take that much interest in puzzles and ARGs. That's not because I don't like them (I do, Redearth88 rocks!), it's because I suck at them.

Incidentally, I also think Steve's heart is in the right place, and I feel sorry for Mallory. Gemma, however, is pure evil, as proven by having a 'British' accent that was painful to listen to. I still hope she's alive and coming back though.

As always, I'm currently impatiently awaiting the next episode.