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Charles Phoenix
Age 19
Birthday March 4 (Pisces)
MySpace 12582751
YouTube littlephoenix1115
Portrayed by Charles himself

Just another Lonelycracker...

A Bit About Charles

  • LG fan...
  • Student of human nature...
  • Does indeed have a British accent...
  • has actor crush on Alexanrda Dreyfus, Katherine Pawlack, and Bitsie Tulloch... they are awesome... and he hopes they wont read this
  • has issues not using elipses... did it again... bugger... gah... -.-
  • the times hes not bieng a lonely cracker he is a Harry Potter Fan... (ravenclaw house)
  • Is also an obsessive fan of Quarterlife
  • when hes actually doing work he is a musician, music studio technician, drum technician, and works at a music shoppe
  • you can go see his myspace for more about him
  • like any phorumite he has a bebo as well... Bebo

On the Forum

Charles Phoenix

you know its a CP post when:

  • it uses british slang... so you cant understand 5% of it
  • he keeps using those blasted epilipses...
  • trains of thought are separated as paragraphs
  • can use a lurker style of post and you have multiple quotes and responses to scroll thru on occasion
  • he notices the wierd small details that might have even escaped other people... even though they might be pointless
  • it might mention his ice cream

Fan Club Memberships... and such

  • a "We Never Sleep And Stay Up On The forums" homie...

also called the "WNSASUANOTF" homies... or simply just "the homies"

Inigo's play

because there needs to be some record of it

Lonelygirl15 – Episode ??? – “Unleashing the Danielbeast”

Written by Inigo


Sarah sits outside near a tree

SARAH: So, Jonas is still out looking for Bree. When he isn't doing that, he’s on the couch drinking beer and (hold hand to her mouth) he sometimes even cries! CUT TO:


Clip of Jonas lying on the couch watching Blade Runner, with the lights turned off, with nothing but the glow of the TV to fill his sullen face.

SARAH (VO): He still won't talk to us because he says we’re as useful as a car that’s run out of gas. CUT TO:


Sarah holds the Camera, and talks into it.

SARAH: But like I said before, she left willingly, right? I bet he's just sore because she took off with his favorite shirt or something. One Night Stands... can really be painful the next morning (nods). I mean come on Jonas, how could fall for that one? Number one rule of life: Brainwashed girls will ALWAYS get into your pants to further a hidden agenda


Sarah walks around the cabin holding the camera.

SARAH: So after much roaming the woods like a bunch of boy scouts I am officially tired of this routine. Whatever happened to Carpe Diem? So, I've decided to seize the day - and the opportunity that Jonas has taken the car to go look for Little miss HoO – and do something for Daniel. Well, it's really as much for Daniel as it is for me. As far as taking hints go, Daniel is really slow. So - I - will do something about that tonight. CUT TO:


A sped up clip of Sarah walking into Daniel's room, (he's not there) placing the camera on a shelf looking towards the bed. She leaves it on, does a quick silly dance (as if to see if it's working) and leaves... the sped up footage keeps going until it gets dark and later Daniel arrives, sits on the bed and turns on the light. Just as he notices the camera, Sarah walks in, her back to the camera wearing a black bikini. She turns off the light. Only a small nightlight illuminates the scene.

DANIEL: Sarah? What's this all about? Where's Jonas? SARAH: (in a British accent) never you mind, Mr. Park Ranger

Sarah slowly undoes her top and throws it at Daniel, her bare back facing the camera. With Sarah's top dangling off one ear and his mouth open in stunned disbelief, Daniel watches as Sarah walks toward him.

SARAH (Again with British accent, holding Daniel’s head): Tonight Beastie, I shall let you out of your cage.

DANIEL: Uhhhh...

SARAH: To give you a bath. It's time for that shower you promised...

Book of awesome

people that have been significantly awesome in me eyes... time order