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His name is DYE NO MIGHT, as in: DINOMYTE and is DEENO, as in: Dino.

He is 72 (Actually he's 72-43 which equals 29 but Corynne is still in denial), but he'll deny it at all costs. Sometimes overly and weirdly loved by Corynne. Actually, all the girls go crazy when he comes in the chat.

Buggar is his one and only E-honey and he will throw a spoon at anyone else who says differently.

He likes to go to the bar and drink beer and Jagermeister. His favorite chat drinking buddies are Mimo and GoodGollyitsHolly.

He has a sexy movie trailer/radio voice.

He likes to chat at work. Which makes him a slacker. (Actually, I'm just an incredible Multi-Tasker!) Tessaroo is his twin which excites her very much cause she's never had a twin before!


  • Favorite LG15 chatroom: Mine
  • Favorite LG15 character:

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