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Flautapantera (Spanish for "flute" + "panther") is an active user on the forums and is consistently among the top five posters. She is Vice President of the Owen Fan Club.

She is also known to respond to the following nicknames: FP, Flauta, Squinty, Frenchy, Lady Mod, Absie, Columbia, Panty, Fast Fingers...

Owen.jpg This user's favorite lg15 stuffed character is Owen.
Owen hiding in his shell.jpg When sad, this user hides in their shell. "So dark in here..."
LG This user has been following lonelygirl15 since September 10th, 2006.
My First Kiss.jpeg This user hopes that they don't kiss like a dead fish.
I lost three points on the dismount. This user was rated 7 out of 10 by Mr. Seal.
Nikkibowerheadshot.jpg This user gets their news from The Nikki Bower Report.
LonelyCrack.JPG This user is severely addicted to LonelyCrack.
HotBaloon.jpg This user still likes Gemma, even if she is evil. Go figure.
PandA.jpg This user wants to go bowling with Paul and Andrea.
Grillz.jpg Dis user gonna rob da jewelry store and tell em make me a grill.
Bib diet.jpg This user has motel dining down to a science!
Plot twist overload.jpg This user is suffering from plot twist overload.
PSW This user enjoys Proving Science Wrong!
NoWebCam.jpg This user has never made a Fan Video. What's up with that?