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Hurrah If you are reading this right now then obviously your really super bored and will read absolutley anything to amuse yourself I do believe I am a massive lonelygirl15 fan and I allways will be I like to LGpedia whenever I can I know it's silly getting sad over a fictional character but I did indeed get upset when Bree died even though I knew that Jessica Lee Rose was not dead. I also like Kate Modern, thoughit is disappointing that the series has ended thought was left open ended I hate it how we never get to find out what happens to Julia and what content was on Kate's last blog. I love to listen to Lonelycast15 I like online series yess The End, x


0184-SarahHoldingLipstick-Cropped.jpg This user's favorite lg15 character is Sarah.
CrowleyFace.jpg This user's favorite lg15 character is Aleister Crowley.
Charlie Small.jpg This user's favorite KateModern character is Charlie.
Gavin3.jpg This user's favorite KateModern character is Gavin.
0228-Spencer-Khonad.jpg This user is a member of the Spencer Fan Club.
Owen.jpg This user's favorite lg15 stuffed character is Owen.
SpencerGreen.jpg This user's lg15 crush is Spencer.
Watcher symbol.JPG This user keeps an eye out for Watchers, just in case.
Sym les.jpg This User wants Kate and Charlie to hook up.
0222-SpencerLaughing-Cropped.jpg This user misses Spencer a whole bunch!
Dinostomp.gif This user has been stomped by a dinosaur.
PSW This user enjoys Proving Science Wrong!
Dorkiness.jpg This user l'cares about Bree.
Sym les.jpg This User wants Bree and Jules to hook up.
C'mawn babay ah'll sang u a sawng! This user really wanted to hear P. Monkey sing Bree a song.
Tachyon7.jpg This user wants to be just like Tachyon when they grow up.
Tachyon They Are Watching.JPG This user went home with Tachyon
0028-KM-Charlie-Gavin.jpg This user thinks that Charlie is one lucky lady!
I like Donuts.JPG This user's favorite art installation piece is "Bored As Hell Blogging."
SMRT This user is super smart!
0213-BreeInTheWoods.jpg This user really hopes she isn't trait positive
Untitled.jpg This user's lg15 crush is OpAphid.
0212-TaylorCloseUp.jpg This user wants Teacher Taylor to break it down for them.
Unicursal tiny.gif This user is a Thelemite, or at least pretends to be one.
SpencerUnfocusedCamera.jpg This user thinks that Spencer should learn how to use a webcam.
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This user is an [ aphid op ].
0230-SpencerAndTaylor.jpg This user thinks Spencer is an amazing Chef.
Rachel screenshot.JPG This user's favorite REDEARTH88 character is Rachel
CiW This user is watching Cassie.
Tachyon They Are Watching.JPG This user wants to Bring Back Tach.
0136-BreeShrugging-Cropped-bandw.jpg This user will never accept that Bree is dead.
Sym str.jpg This User wants Spencer and Taylor to hook up.
GemmaRaisonDEtre.jpg This user is irritated by unpatched plot holes.
ArmNBear.JPG This user exercises the right to to put their arm around bears.
CelestialNetwork.jpg This user wants to join The Celestial Network with Steve.
Sym les.jpg This User wants Bree and Sarah to hook up.