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Person information
Age 21
Birthday July 8 (Cancer)
YouTube kellylen

Kellylen aka Kelly entered the Breeniverse on Nov 21, 2006. However, she has been a fan since August 2006.


Kelly was born on July 8, 1987 in Edison, NJ. She lived in Carteret, NJ for 2 years before moving to her current location. Kelly was a decent student in school, being smarter than the average kid her age. In high school Kelly was the kid who floated from crowd to crowd. She decided at the age of 12 that she wanted to be a pharmacist but was talked out of it by her mother. Kelly wanted to then be a doctor but could not handle the thought of cadavers. Kelly then decided that she wanted to be a graphic designer, but once she saw her cousin graduate and not get a job she decided against it. So eventually she settled for pharmacy again. In August 2005 Kelly started studying pharmacy at St. John's University in Queens, NY where she now resides part time. Kelly also works at CVS.

The Breeniverse

Kellylen discovered Lonelygirl during the hunt for Bree. She was in denial at first, but after seeing more and more videos showing Jessica Lee Rose she knew it had to be fake. Kelly didn't care though. She thought the plot was interesting. Kelly browsed the forum for months before actually joining.

Kelly took a long break for university after the death of bree. Sure she watched the videos, but did not actively comment very often and only rarely appeared in the chatroom. With the launch of the new website Kelly is ready to fight the order.

Mentions In LG15

Kellylen was first mentioned during the season 1 finale of Lonelygirl15. She helped to solve the puzzle after the first video.

She was then later on mentioned in LG15:The Resistance as one of the people who helped find the names of the girls that LifesBlood Labs did experiments on.

Work in ARGs

Op Aphid

During the time of OpAphid, Kellylen watched the videos and participated in the forum discussions, but never felt like she fit in. She had come in too late and there were already many Opheads who were more involved than her.

Maddison Atkins

When Maddison Atkins came out Kellylen was instantly interested. The storyline was interesting and she felt that she could relate with the main character of Maddison. Kellylen was involved in many of the solutions, staying up all night many nights with Skunkwaffle, Deagol, and many others trying to solve them. When it was found that Jeromy was involved in the storyline, Kellylen was upset but instantly fell in love with him.

Kelly has given up on the show since Marla and Jeromy pooped out on her.

Video Blogging

Kellylen creates her own videos on youtube. They aren't very interesting and are often about her life. Although she has been known to go on a search for Maddison Atkins.