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You People

Dillon loves to horrify me, and I think we are also being e-wed sometime soon.

However Sam is planning quite the deboniar rescue stunt to spring me from my prison-esque drom as the handsome and musical Ginger Ninja. He has also made an animation of me someplace, which I will probably never figure out how to out in here, but I feel is worth mentioning because it was such a traumatic moment for me.

Rachel is my babydoll. Shes so sweet and I freaking love her.

Manda is desperate to make out with me, but only in the presence, not actual sight, of Sam. LadyFireStorm was once my e-lovaa, but I haven't seen her lately. :( Perhaps she found someone new. *desolate, squeaky violin*

Holly keeps bullying me into going to these damn Golden Girls conventions! (Honestly, you've never been so confused until you've seen that beautiful girl beneath a blue wig and tarnished pearls.)

LordGreystoke keeps my selfesteem up. ;) Holly and Mimo keep me in stiches. KG keeps me anchored in the real world.

I'll finish this up later. Talking about myself is exhausting. :)

IceCream.jpg This user's favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
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  • Favorite LG15 chatroom:

NOT the pervy userplane room. *shudder* Thanks for that wonderful experience there, Sam. ;)

  • Favorite LG15 character:

does it have to be canon? I guess I have to say Daniel. I'm such a freaking conformist. :)