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About Me


Yo this is LLP, to those who may remember me from past forum posts. Yes I know its been a long time since those lol. I have been occupied by other things. Anyway... I have been a member of the forum and an LG Fan for a year or so now. I primarily have been contributing here in the LGPedia for the "Soundtrack" info for the series but also keep a list going in the music credits section. I enjoy keeping up with the music so this is what I do haha. If I find anything else I can contribute to I may give it a shot. Until then, I will keep working away at these credits hehe later.

June 6, 2008: I have finally decided to retire from LG15. I simply have gotten to far behind on story information and music details. So I am pretty much permanently inactive at this point. I think I will keep my user details here though for posterity haha. Good luck peeps and keep rolling on that soundtrack info.

My User Boxes

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  • Kept LG Sountrack updated for a time "Soundtrack" section of LGPedia.
  • Kept my own listing of LG15 music in music credits section.