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I am LordGreystoke422.
Pizza and ice cream!!! This user is a complete Fan Video Whore!!!!

Because of recent developments I am strongly considering following Immant's lead and taking an indefinite hiatus from video making. Additionally I am considering taking it one step further and removing all of my videos. The lack of support and constant uphill battle to tell a story is rather tiresome however, a fight never deters me. Its the criticism of the small things that finally does it. When anything you do..even the simple act of making a PERSONAL userbox garners a talk discussion and people in charge become chagrined when you defend gets old. They have never walked in the shoes of someone that has been picked at the entire way by both sides for the way things were done. Never been though the cyberstalking that eventually removes much of your joy from what you do. The need to defend ones acts against such a finally gain action, only to find that person to have OBVIOUSLY come back and begin to pick at your work again. Then to have to justify things related to myself and my work..such as PERSONAL userboxes..and then another anonymously posts at almost the same time the stalker makes new negative userboxes..and people don't remotely get your frustration at not being able to make a little simple harmless userbox...something that is about personal expression without someone with obviously nothing better to do making an issue of it. In the end..the straw weighs a ton. The Straws keep on coming over a year later.

Based on the actions of some in chat they expect others to treat them differently than they treat them, an overall lack of even applications of the rules....Gone I stay. Be nice to strangers as you never know who they may really be.

P.S. I am NOT T.J. Marsh. P.P.S. Didn't you hear me?


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