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Since 11.26.07
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Luminous is also known to frequent Facility J
And is enrolled as a student at HSAO (The Home Schoolers Aggregate Online)

Stupid, illegal or both? This user has made more than one Fan Video.

Fan Videos by Luminous

The Ice Princess - A Fairy Tale
The Eye in APHID (Part I)
The Eye in APHID (Part II)

Facility J Recap Videos

The Old College Try (Princeton University Drop)

Avatars by Luminous

"Joppy" was created for LG15 forum member janesalteredstates following the Interrogation 101 video where Jonas gives Daniel the evil eye. Jane had also recently released her own video, "A Little Something About Us"revealing she has had dealings with OpAphid and is suffering from dissociative identity disorder. The avatar is a composit of screenshots of Jonas and "Oppy" - thus the name "Joppy".