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Platypus profile.gif

First Appearance
Last Appearance
Vashon Is, Wa
Seattle, Wa
Person information
Age 25
Birthday (Sagittarius)
MySpace oscarmusic
A Few of My Favorites Things
LG Episodes: Swimming!, The Morning After
KM Episode: Losing My Religion (KateModern)
Song: "Hamstead Incident" by Donovan
Color: Brown

General Description

i am a platypus. i am the only mamal with a poisonous vennom. i am also a notoriously bad speller. if you want to talk to me, you can choose between msn or aim. i am pleasant and mostly friendly. but mind the vennom. yes. mind the vennom.


  • i am on youtube[1] and like to post silly videos. on the forums, i am intersted in feminism, sunglasses, alcohol and sex so i created the wiki pages to reflect my curiosity.
  • i am on myspace[2] and like to record music.
  • i am also in national geographic!


  • aim: platypusrex256
  • msn: