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This page may take a few seconds to load. Click on images to enlarge. Description of photo in image name. Psmith 06:26, 18 August 2007 (CDT)

Correction: The side street was apparently Broadwick Street and not Ganton Street as I first thought. The mural is known as "The Spirit of Soho." Psmith 06:36, 18 August 2007 (CDT)

Full Video available: YouTube or Bebo (Thanks to modelmotion for editing my footage together).

Update: YouTube full version (not widescreeen anymore)

Psmith-01-Carnaby Street.JPG Psmith-02-Fans Have Come To Help.JPG Psmith-03-Great Marlborough Street.JPG
Psmith-04-Sirens blare and Sophie leads the way.JPG Psmith-05-Tariq clashes with police as body wheeled out.JPG Psmith-06-Tariq Hugs Kate.JPG
Psmith-07-After the action Kate and Tariq taken away in police car.JPG Psmith-08-Police And Fans.JPG Psmith-09-The Office.JPG
Psmith-10-The Office.JPG Psmith-11-The Mural on corner of Ganton St and Carnaby St.JPG Psmith-12-The Mural.JPG
Psmith-71 Broadwick Street.jpg Psmith-Bebo On The 3rd Floor.jpg