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Hey. I'm Andy. I got into lonelygirl15 one Thursday evening after I read the article on LG15 at, tracked her down on YouTube, and watched all the videos to date. Since then, I've been hooked - although I will admit, lately here I've been less and less interested in the series, and I miss the "old days."

My user ID is 3, according to my preferences page. Does this make me the third member registered? Not sure, I think there's no user assigned to ID 1. I don't know. I'm either the first or second registered user on this wiki. Neat, huh? That kind of makes me sound like this obsessed fan - but really, I just happened to log onto soon after the LGpedia link went live.

I think this whole LG15 wiki is pretty neat, actually. Soon after I registered on here, I set up several administrative pages and started writing transcripts starting from episode one. I also helped write the content on the original main page, and also played a minor role in designing the second main page.

Favorite Video: Proving Science Wrong... with Lonelybeast and Danielgirl15
Favorite Main Character: Alex (so hot)
Favorite Secondary Character: Random Girl
Favorite Stuffed Animal: P. Monkey
Favorite Storyarc: Everything that happened before Bree left home, really.
Favorite Investigative Reporter: Nikki Bower

And now, some userboxes - because really, my life can be told through these little colorful boxes. Except not really.

Nikkibowerheadshot.jpg This user gets their news from The Nikki Bower Report.
Lonelybeast.jpg Lonelybeast taught this user about the Cornwallis Effect.
Dinostomp.gif This user has been stomped by a dinosaur.
0048-14Hours.jpg This user has been up for 14 hours, and feels fine.
LG This user has been following lonelygirl15 since he read the article.
BreeCig.gif This user thinks that Bree has a dark side that has not yet been revealed.
WolfInKilt.jpg This user thinks that P. Monkey has a dark side that has not yet been fully revealed.
Itscassie5.jpg This user thinks that itscassie has a dark side that's the only thing that's been revealed!
NoWebCam.jpg This user has never made a Fan Video. What's up with that?
PSW This user enjoys Proving Science Wrong!
Grillz.jpg Dis user gonna rob da jewelry store and tell em make me a grill.
C'mawn babay ah'll sang u a sawng! This user really wanted to hear P. Monkey sing Bree a song.
Bib diet.jpg This user has motel dining down to a science!
Plot twist overload.jpg This user is suffering from plot twist overload.
Owen hiding in his shell.jpg When sad, this user hides in their shell. "So dark in here..."
lon This user's longitude is unknown.
PMonkey world domination.jpg This user fears Purple Monkey plans to take over the world.
Scissors.JPG This user took some scissors to Cassie's wig.
HotBaloon.jpg This user still likes Gemma, even if she is evil. Go figure.
Renblod.jpg This user would rather drink eggnog than reindeer blood.
Watcher symbol.JPG This user keeps an eye out for Watchers, just in case.
Cap.gif This user knows that you can't sneak around without a wool cap.