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Hey Crowcity,
Great work on the LL page. It's looking so much better and doing her series more justice than the old versions of the article. I'd like to ask you to use the "Show preview" button more often though (it's to the right of the "Save page" button). The reason I bother you with this is that having frequent, numerous edits clogs up that article's history as well as the Special:Recentchanges page. The page history is useful for other users who want to see what specific changes are being made to the page, but clicking through countless small edits is more onerous than seeing one or two significant edits. Likewise, on Special:Recentchanges, it's far better to have less edits when possible. If you look at it right now, you'll see 23 edits made to LL's page in about 45mins. This makes it difficult for users like myself to monitor the recent changes to check for vandalism. For more information, please see Help:Show preview. Thanks for your consideration, and again, we appreciate your hard work on LL's page and hope you'll continue to contribute to our (many) other articles!
OwenIsCool 16:22, 24 January 2007 (CST)