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Episode 134/1x134
Watch This!

No! Not again ...

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted February 16th, 2007
Length 0:55
Description Today was crazy, I can't even begin to describe it. Just watch. We've been on the road all afternoon and just had a chance to pull over and upload this.
Location(s) Jonas's house
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko watcher punch house run drive car order opaphid tachyon brother
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Glenn Rubenstein
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Miles Beckett
Executive Story Editor Glenn Rubenstein
Vidplay Glenn Rubenstein
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Glenn Rubenstein
Music Trioxidation by Bjorn Fogelberg
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
Jonas Jackson Davis
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Watcher No Credit Given
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Watch This! is the one-hundred thirty-fourth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. Jonas confronts a Watcher — his house is no longer safe.


(Filming a bald guy in a black suit standing in front of a black SUV making a phone call)

(Bree comes in.)

Bree: Daniel, this better be good. What're you filming? Oh my god...

Daniel: Go wake up Jonas...

(Jonas comes in.)

Jonas: Is that what I think it is?

Bree: Stop filming! There could be others on the way, we should go!

Jonas: You know, screw leaving... I'm going out there, Daniel, keep filming no matter what.

(Starts walking away.)

Bree: Jonas, don't be stupid, you can get hurt.

Jonas: Hey, you know what, we keep running away, they're just gonna keep chasing us... I'm tired of it.

(YouTube only - There's a one frame flash of Bree lying on a bed, with "LG15" in the upper right hand corner)

Daniel: Jonas!

Bree: Jonas!

Jonas: No!

(Jonas walking towards the bald guy in the suit)

Jonas: Hey! This is private property!

(Bree running to Jonas.)

Daniel: Bree, no!

Jonas: Bree, stay back!

Daniel: Bree!

(Jonas swings at the Watcher, the Watcher looks poised to strike back when Bree runs in between them, Jonas pulls her away and they both run.)

Daniel: Get over here!