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This article is about the Redearth88 character. For other Zoeys, see Zoey (disambiguation).
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Opportunity Crisis! When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves
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Zoey was Rachel's roommate for two semesters while they attended Stephen F. Austin State University. Rachel identifies Zoey as "literally the worst possible dormmate," and cites her noise levels as an issue. She later says that Zoey often considered "her space" and "Rachel's space" "their space."

In the video When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves, Rachel furthered complained about Zoey constantly blurting out things just to say stuff. Things like "OMG I like Applesauce" and other sayings that routinely got on Rachel's nerves. Later, she theorizes that perhaps Zoey was the reason she stayed at Jordan's place so much during this time. It was a way for Rachel to escape her roommate.

The Zoey character is an off-screen cameo and reference to LGPedia admin, Zoey, but is not, of course, a direct characterization of her.

The mysterious nature of the character has resulted in a Cassieiswatching-type spinoff called Zoeyiswatching.

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