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William (9a7v3e)
First Appearance Last Appearance
00001 A Call From 413?
Character information
Age unknown
Date of Birth unknown
YouTube 9a7v3e
Portrayed by djpplanet

William Matthews/973 is an escaped lab subject from one of the private companies in the Order Empire, called Tritech. Is one of the few main characters of the Alternate Reality Game of the online Shows, "The Sudden", and "13.00.00".


One of the very first signs of "973", was when, on May 3rd, 2008, he hacked Seth Matthews' account, and posted the video "00001", and then posted the video "00002", the next day, showing a clip of episode 9 of The Sudden series, which was later hacked and deleted along with another few episodes.

This was a sign that Seth Matthews friend, Michael Peterson, had been killed by one of the Trionacona agents. Months passed, and that's when 9a7v3e discovered that his "boss" has an account, "Demand72".

The discovery hints that Demand72 is really not his boss at all, but someone who wants to kill him in order to be ranked as a part of The Order. Can he save himself, can he help Seth, or will they stop them?