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Watch The Show

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Season One

Learn more about season one of KateModern.

Fight and Flight 
Start at the first video of season one.
List of Videos 
A full list of season one videos.
The Story 
A text-based summary of the entire first season.
KateModern Season One Recap 
A recap video of the first season.

Season Two

Learn more about season two of KateModern.

Back to Brick Lane 
Start at the first video of season two.
List of Videos 
A full list of season two videos.
The Story 
A text-based summary of the entire second season.
KateModern Season Two Recap 
A recap video of the second season.

Additional Viewing

More ways to watch KateModern.

On Bebo 
View KateModern on Bebo.
On lg15.com 
View KateModern on lg15.com
On YouTube 
View KateModern on YouTube
KateModern DVD 
KateModern on DVD.

Learn More

Contains details and additional information to enhance your knowledge of the show.

Read about the people who make up Kate's world.
Trait positives 
Read about the people in Kate's world who have that special trait positive blood.
See all those places our favorite characters have been.
Theories and Speculation 
Learn about the sinister plots that may have been taking place on KateModern.
Notable Details 
Check out the little important details you may have otherwise missed in the videos.
Read about the relationships in Kate's world.
Read about the puzzles that have occurred on the KateModern show.
Discuss what's going on with other fans.

Behind The Scenes

The cast, crew, and more news from kateworld.

Crew Credits 
Learn about the people who made this show possible.
Learn about the social networking site that KateModern is hosted on.
Product Placement 
Learn about the sponsors whose products are featured in KateModern videos.
KateModern Soundtrack 
Learn about the music featured in the KateModern videos.
Inside LG15 
Visit the official Insider blog.
KateModernProduction on Bebo 
View the official Behind the Scenes Bebo account.

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