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This list is a short summary of different game resources used or suggested by some of the players for solving clues in an ARG. It is by no means exhaustive and undoubtedly many players have a number of other tools yet to be disclosed.

Anagram Tools

Cipher Tools

Translation Tools

Writing Systems/Identification

  • Omniglot - Modern, arcane, and obscure writing systems

Sound Editing

  • Audacity (note: you can select your source to be straight from the webpage stream)
  • Coagula --- Image synthesizer, can be used to reconstruct sound from spectral analysis graphs

Graphics Manipulation

Video Manipulation

Textual Deciphering


Web Addresses

  • TinyURL --- Purpose & Result: Create shorter URL links by generating a random combination of letters and/or numbers based on the url submitted
    i.e., a given URL will generate the same Tinyurl link each time.
  • url(x) --- Like TinyURL, but shortened URL retains the original domain name. Bookmarklet available for more convenient shortening.


  • PhotoBucket
  • ImageShack --- Upon submission, a filename is given 2-4 random letters/numbers to the end in an attempt to avoid creating duplicate links. ImageShack has ~100 different servers, so trying to purposely create a link to generate a given string in a URL is practically impossible, as each server number would offer a different generation of a url.





Religious Textual References

  • Thelemic
  • H.P. Lovecraft

Mapping Tools