A Friendly Lie

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Template:KMBlog A Friendly Lie is the fourth video in the KateModern video series.


Kate: Hi! It's me, Kate. Erm, so I'm really happy that you liked my art videos. Ummm, it's my birthday coming up soon and I'm a virgo, liiiiiike, Mother Theresa, Tolstoy and Goethe. Little known fact! They all won the Nobel Prize. Pretty Cool. (The screen flashes to a shot of what look like bacteria under a microscope for a second). Have you ever lied to your friends? You have, haven't you! (Screen flashes to bacteria again)...Or am I the only one? Little things, like telling someone her bum doesn't look big in skinny trousers. Orrrrr how about telling a friend you're five minutes away when really you haven't left home. That's...a friendly lie, right? (Screen flashes to bacteria again). What if it's something...bigger than a friendly lie. (Screen flashes to extreme closeup of some maggots for half a second). A lie so big that every time you open your mouth it multiplies. (A number of shots showing the bacteria and then a maggot riddled burger in a gutter). And before you know it, you are infested with lies. (Clearer shot of the burger)....My name's not really Kate. Well, I mean it's what my friends call me but-I know what you're thinking but I didn't have it planned out...Or did I? I don't mean to be dishonest to the people I care about, it's just that this lie has been around longer than I've known them. When I first met Charlie she asked me my name...and I said Kate. The problem is, the moment I told Charlie my name was Kate, thats who I've been ever since. She's introduced me to her friends...in fact I'm seeing somebody and...he thinks I'm Kate too...and I really like him.


  • The reason few people know Kate's "fact" is that it is untrue. Neither Tolstoy nor Goethe won a Nobel Prize. Goethe had been dead for nearly 70 years when the prizes were created.
  • After this video was posted, Charlie posted a comment on her bebo account, saying "Right now I am wondering what the heck is up with 'Kate'." Also, Tariq left Kate a comment saying not to phone him. He would phone her when he was ready.