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Aaronbeast was a 13 years old Revver user portrayed by Nick Webb that claimed to be Daniel's brother Aaron.

In his first video, Aaron said that he "just found out about the whole LG15 thing", and appeared very worried about Daniel, urging him to come home as soon as possible. He tried to tell his mother what was happening, but according to his next video, she didn't believe him, and became angry at him for making things up.

In his third video, posted after Jonas revealed his worries about Daniel's alcohol consumption, Aaron revealed that Daniel had "always been known to drink". He also relates how Daniel tried to hide his drinking from his parents, but makes clear they knew anyway.

Aaron and Daniel apparently have an aunt named "Jen", mentioned in Auntie's Magical Webcam.

The creator of the series has stated that the series is over, and he closed the Aaronbeast YouTube account.

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