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(New page: <span style="color: #259925;">* SibyllaWeave () has joined #lg15chat</span> <Renegade15> oh look, spider girl <Jaz> Hello Sibylla <invisigrace> ohai sibylla <span style="col...)
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<span style="color: #259925;">*        SibyllaWeave () has joined #lg15chat</span>
<span style="color: #259925;">*        SibyllaWeave () has joined #lg15chat</span>
  <Renegade15>  oh look, spider girl
  <Renegade15>  oh look, spider girl
  <Jaz>  Hello Sibylla
  <Jaz>  Hello Sibylla

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*        SibyllaWeave () has joined #lg15chat
<Renegade15>   oh look, spider girl
<Jaz>  Hello Sibylla
<invisigrace>  ohai sibylla
<SibyllaWeave>   Sixth Ave
<YourFavoritePJ>       Guys I found out something I shoul-
<YourFavoritePJ>       ....
*      YourFavoritePJ hides
*      notgordian is tired, and therefore leaves
<invisigrace>  aw, i totally thought i'd be older.
<invisigrace>  bye gordy
*      notgordian () has left #lg15chat
<Jaz>  newp
<YourFavoritePJ>       Sixth Ave?
*      ChanServ gives voice to SibyllaWeave
*      invisigrace watches curiously
<Jaz>  can you narrow it down a little bit
*      invisigrace is now known as grace2_89
*      Jaz puts the duct tape back in the toy... er tool box in the corner
<SibyllaWeave>   such primitive methods duct tape
>#lg15chat<    http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=User:Renegade/LG15chat_rules#Special_Character_Chat_Rules
<Jaz>  Primative, but fun
<SibyllaWeave>   true
*      YourFavoritePJ throws bucket of water on Sibylla
<YourFavoritePJ>       Aimee says hi
<Jaz>  especially in pulling it off... slowly
<SibyllaWeave>   I prefer rope
<Renegade15>   looks like PJ should read that link ;)
<SibyllaWeave>   water pj?
<YourFavoritePJ>       Aimee and Sibylla love eachother
<YourFavoritePJ>       Aimee's been on the boards before
<YourFavoritePJ>       =P
<Jaz>  Zip ties can be fun too, granted they can cut into the skin and I prefer to do my own wetwork
<SibyllaWeave>   Have any of you spoken to Xavier recently?
<YourFavoritePJ>       Wouldn't you know?
<Jaz>  Not today
<Renegade15>   Why, does Nate prefer his girlfriend over you?
<YourFavoritePJ>       Ouch
<SibyllaWeave>   no.
<SibyllaWeave>   I know that he spoke to one of you in private
<Jaz>  a quarry is not a girl friend
<YourFavoritePJ>       neither is a sister
<SibyllaWeave>   someone in here knows something
<SibyllaWeave>   something that I did not approve of being told
*      grace2_89 has never spoken to xavier, nor sibylla, for that matter
<Renegade15>   Why would we tell you, if that were so?
<Renegade15>   What would our advantage be?
<SibyllaWeave>   no advantage
<Renegade15>   Then it is far better for us to leave you in uncertainty.
<Renegade15>   (And more secure for the one among us, for that matter.)
<YourFavoritePJ>       ....
<SibyllaWeave>   ah Pj
<SibyllaWeave>   I know you know
<YourFavoritePJ>       FIREHEART RUN
<SibyllaWeave>   Oh, so it was FH14?
<Renegade15>   -_-
*      Renegade15 pokes FH14
*      Renegade15 points at the exit
<YourFavoritePJ>       he's idle, thank God.
<modelmotion>  oh dear
<SibyllaWeave>   I know he's here
<SibyllaWeave>   I know he's watching
<SibyllaWeave>   he's learnt enough from us to know that we know everything
<YourFavoritePJ>       that reminds me, I need to research asbestos...
*      FH14 crawls back in
<YourFavoritePJ>       FH!
*        SibyllaWeave glares in the direction of FH14
*      YourFavoritePJ pushes away*
*      Jaz wonders why PJ would betray FH that way
<SibyllaWeave>   WHAT did he tell you
<Jaz>  not that it isn't entertaining to see you all start to turn on each other
<SibyllaWeave>   because I in turn blackmailed PJ
*      FH14 hesitates
<YourFavoritePJ>       I'm sorry.
<SibyllaWeave>   tell me!
<Renegade15>   Next she's gonna tell us there's a spy among us.
<FH14> Remember that question I asked you guys earlier? About the time Xavier truly cried?
<SibyllaWeave>   there's always a spy among you
<Renegade15>   Hell Saint Mic or something
*      Jaz should have taped Gade's mouth too
<SibyllaWeave>   Hell Saint = blood
*      YourFavoritePJ paces back*
<Renegade15>   You have been more elaborate in the past, Cruella.
<SibyllaWeave>   FH14
<SibyllaWeave>   tell
<SibyllaWeave>   me
<FH14> Well, he told me you had an... accident? While on assignment?
<FH14> that you almost died
<SibyllaWeave>   Xavier = blood
<Renegade15>   Sounds like someone is short circuiting.
<Jaz>  blood as in relation?
<FH14> That was all he told me though. He was tight lipped about details.
<SibyllaWeave>   He is so...
<YourFavoritePJ>       See Sibylla? It's not so bad
*        XavierWeave () has joined #LG15chat
<XavierWeave>    dead?
<MicFranXon>   how convenient
<FH14> Xavier I'm sorry. She was scary.
*      ChanServ gives voice to XavierWeave
<XavierWeave>    I knew you were weak
<XavierWeave>    why do you think I told you?
<MicFranXon>   wait PJ is a spy?
<SibyllaWeave>   You are dead Xavier
<MicFranXon>   gees dude
<Renegade15>   at least he's a traitor
<FH14> um... thanks?
<Jaz>  Hello Xavier
<SibyllaWeave>   Mike everyone is my spy
<YourFavoritePJ>       Mike, no...please it's not like that
<FH14> wait, you wanted me to spill the beans?
<MicFranXon>   Sib..
<MicFranXon>   nvm
<XavierWeave>    yes
<MicFranXon>   I'm too logical tonight
<FH14> but why?
<XavierWeave>    because it's fun
<Jaz>  Everyone can be used for information, everyone has a price, so thusly everyone has the opportunity to be a "spy"
<Renegade15>   Guessing from Sib's reaction, It's probably his retaliation for the whole "Xavier killed mom" thing >_>
<XavierWeave>    I'm beginning to like you more and more Jaz
<SibyllaWeave>   You wanted to show that I was vulnerable?
*      Jaz grins.  Is that right
*        SibyllaWeave glares at Jaz
<Renegade15>   Get a room you two.
<MicFranXon>   ah, romance is blossoming
<XavierWeave>    now now Sibylla
<MicFranXon>   although you will never burn the flames of passion he has for his sister
<XavierWeave>    indeed
<MicFranXon>   them being fromkentucky and all
*      Jaz laughs softly.  I can be a very good sharer if need be
*      Renegade15 clears his throat
<SibyllaWeave>   Mike, you always seem to have a retort
<MicFranXon>   oh look at me
<Renegade15>   Focus, people
<MicFranXon>   being all retirtful
<MicFranXon>   *retortful
<MicFranXon>   and people are dead
<XavierWeave>    he can't even spell
<MicFranXon>   but no where's my manners
<MicFranXon>   spot of tea?
<SibyllaWeave>   at least he has some respect
<YourFavoritePJ>       Sibylla stop!...if they find out about-
<grace2_89>    you've never made a typo, xavier?
<XavierWeave>    normally no Grace
<SibyllaWeave>   Pj
<Jaz>  Perhaps we all need a little focus
<SibyllaWeave>   what are you implying
*      grace2_89 hushes again
<YourFavoritePJ>       ...nothing, I'm sorry.
<XavierWeave>    indded
<Renegade15>   ironic
<SibyllaWeave>   TYPO!
<SibyllaWeave>   ha!
<XavierWeave>    shut up
*      Jaz shakes my head
<Renegade15>   Sounds like siblings alright.
*      Traveler24 () has joined #lg15chat
*      FH14 isn't sure how to react
*      Traveler24 is now known as mitchcontrol
<Jaz>  are we all 5 now?
<SibyllaWeave>   oh you better run Fh14
<Renegade15>   hello mitch
<mitchcontrol> hey gade
<mitchcontrol> what's up?
<Renegade15>   there's a web of spies being woven
<mitchcontrol> oh my!
<mitchcontrol> it's true
<mitchcontrol> Spider girl is here
<Liv>  Spider girl
<Liv>  Spider girl
<SibyllaWeave>   there are many people here
<Liv>  Does whatever a spider girl does
<Liv>  >.>
<Renegade15>   Liv, really now
<Liv>  What?
<XavierWeave>    I laughed
<FH14> I kind of opened a big can of worms. *hides*
<SibyllaWeave>   Indeed
<Liv>  Gade can't handle my geekness
<Jaz>  That's a good way to get your ass in trouble again Xavier
<Liv>  :)
<XavierWeave>    Oh so, I can be vulnerable but you can't be?
<mitchcontrol> Sibylla I know your true identity
*      BrightSilence has quit (Nick collision from services.)
<mitchcontrol> lol didn't mean to couse an ackward silence
*      BS|Bot has quit (Nick collision from services.)
*      BrightSilence () has joined #lg15chat
<YourFavoritePJ>       Mitch, don't tempt them, they've already done some serious damage to another mitch
*      BS|Bot () has joined #lg15chat
<SibyllaWeave>   You do do you?
<mitchcontrol> oh yes
<XavierWeave>    ha! good luck
<SibyllaWeave>   oh so now you're on my side again!
<mitchcontrol> umm, disfunctional much?
*      FH14 slowly backs away
<Jaz>  When given the choice between your side and their side which do you think he'd choose
<SibyllaWeave>   Good question Jaz
<Renegade15>   "their side"?
<SibyllaWeave>   who's side are you on?
<mitchcontrol> the dark side
<YourFavoritePJ>       Oh dear...
<mitchcontrol> they have cookies
<Renegade15>   I'm not sure I like the implication Jaz is not on our side
<Liv>  oh jesus christ.
<MicFranXon>   Ok I do have one serious point
<XavierWeave>    mine or hers?
<Jaz>  I choose whatever side interests me the most at the moment.  I will say you and Xavier of course have appealed to many more of my particular sensibilities than any of your predecessors
<MicFranXon>   oh jesus
<mitchcontrol> Mic what is up dude!
<MicFranXon>   Hi mitch
<SibyllaWeave>   the lines have been drawn
<XavierWeave>    indeed
<mitchcontrol> wait what line
<MicFranXon>   in number 2 pencil or crayon?
<mitchcontrol> no lines shall be drawn
<SibyllaWeave>   permanent marker
*      Renegade15 frowns
<MicFranXon>   permanent marker comes off by using temporary marker on top of it
<XavierWeave>    that serious Sibylla?
*      FH14 is nautious
<SibyllaWeave>   indeed
<grace2_89>    we could have used that thinking a few weeks back, mic :P
<mitchcontrol> or with warm water in the clubs bathroom
<MicFranXon>   ._.
<SibyllaWeave>   you have really done it this time Xavier
<Jaz>  I was thinking tattooing... or branding
<MicFranXon>   He dies his hair again?
<XavierWeave>    we already have tattoos
<MicFranXon>   *dyed
<Renegade15>   Focus
<Jaz>  that seems a touch more permanent
<YourFavoritePJ>       what about the white kind?
<mitchcontrol> Sibylla Weave you are none other than Erica
<mitchcontrol> and I have proof
<YourFavoritePJ>       Oh, Mitch.
<mitchcontrol> just to lazy to dig it back up tonight
<Liv>  oic.
<FH14> -_-
<Jaz>  Riiiight
<SibyllaWeave>   may i laugh now?
<mitchcontrol> give me a break its almost 2 in the morning:P
<Liv>  Go ahead Sib
<Liv>  That's all I do anyway
<XavierWeave>    lol
<Jaz>  I didn't think you were the type to ask for permission for anything Sibylla
<Liv>  Mitch I've written a 5 chapter story at 2 in the morning
<XavierWeave>    fantastic
<Liv>  Your argument is invalid
<mitchcontrol> :P
<SibyllaWeave>   fine
<Renegade15>   that's off topic
<SibyllaWeave>   sixth avenue Wittenoom
<Liv>  so's your face
>ChanServ<     QUIET #LG15chat Liv
<XavierWeave>    What!?
-ChanServ-     You are not authorized to perform this operation.
>ChanServ<     op #LG15chat Renegade15
*      ChanServ gives channel operator status to Renegade15
>ChanServ<     QUIET #LG15chat Liv
-ChanServ-     You are not authorized to perform this operation.
<Liv>  Oh shi--
<Liv>  Don't kick me!
<SibyllaWeave>   you divilge information that I don't told
<Liv>  i didn't mean it!
*      Renegade15 sets ban on %Liv!*@*
*      MicFranXon stretches
<FH14> what just happened?
<grace2_89>    :O
<Renegade15>   nothing, carry on
<mitchcontrol> ...
<XavierWeave>    so you just go and tell everyone?
*      Liv () has left #lg15chat
<SibyllaWeave>   two can play at this game Xavier
<FH14> Um, bye Liv?
<mitchcontrol> games, no game:P
<SibyllaWeave>   and who always wins?
<XavierWeave>    only at chess
<mitchcontrol> just wait til jonas gets free, he's gunna kick yalls butts
<mitchcontrol> eventually
<mitchcontrol> ...
<SibyllaWeave>   I'd like to see that
<YourFavoritePJ>       http://maps.google.com.au/maps?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&channel=s&hl=en&source=hp&q=Wittenoom&um=1&ie=UTF-8&split=0&gl=au&ei=UaycSpiaNprW7AOd35znBA&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1
<Jaz>  right...
<Jaz>  Jonas.
<mitchcontrol> okay maybe Reed
*        SibyllaWeave claps
<SibyllaWeave>   clever Pj
<XavierWeave>    you're hilarious Sibylla
<mitchcontrol> Ya'll can seriously keep Maggie though, never really liked her
<XavierWeave>    I'll be back in two weeks. Just wait until then
<mitchcontrol> >.>
<Renegade15>   Will you be alone, Xavier?
<Jaz>  You two bickering and back biting isn't going to help the cause any
<Renegade15>   Or bring guests?
<XavierWeave>    in returning
<XavierWeave>    yes
<MicFranXon>   brb, I'm a bit hungry..I was gonna snack on some power bars but I see someone already was hungry for that
<SibyllaWeave>   oooohhh Xavier
<mitchcontrol> Okay is there a point to you two coming in here
<YourFavoritePJ>       ...yeah
<YourFavoritePJ>       to torment
<SibyllaWeave>   just to yell at Xavier
<mitchcontrol> do you have a riddle?
<YourFavoritePJ>       tourment even
<SibyllaWeave>   and to reveal where he is exactly
<YourFavoritePJ>       with a u
<mitchcontrol> lol
<XavierWeave>    she may have one
<FH14> Sibylla came in to beat me up for info also
<mitchcontrol> I have one
<SibyllaWeave>   I'm not interested in your games
<SibyllaWeave>   only mine
<XavierWeave>    good bye Sibylla
<mitchcontrol> If a Rooster lays an egg on top of a tin roof in the fall, which way does the egg fall
<XavierWeave>    I'll see you on my return
<grace2_89>    it doesn't
<grace2_89>    there is no egg :P
*      Renegade15 sets ban on %mitchcontrol!*@*
<YourFavoritePJ>       FH14, I'm so sorry
<MicFranXon>   can't you two just txt eachother?
<SibyllaWeave>   no
<MicFranXon>   limited minutes?
<SibyllaWeave>   Xavier do not go!
<XavierWeave>    what?
<SibyllaWeave>   Does she know?
<XavierWeave>    no
<XavierWeave>    she doesn't
<Renegade15>   What happens to "her" if Xavier leaves in two weeks?
<SibyllaWeave>   good.
<XavierWeave>    keep it that way?
<SibyllaWeave>   yes
<YourFavoritePJ>       ...
<SibyllaWeave>   good bye Xavier.
<XavierWeave>    bye Sibylla
*        XavierWeave has quit ("Page closed")
<FH14> it's okay PJ... I guess
<SibyllaWeave>   hahhaha
<SibyllaWeave>   hilarious
<Jaz>  You do have him well trained Sibylla
*      Jaz grins
<Jaz>  Fine work
<SibyllaWeave>   I don't train
*      Traveler () has joined #lg15chat
<SibyllaWeave>   we look after each other
*      Traveler is now known as Mitch_Modern
*      mitchcontrol has quit (Client Quit)
<Jaz>  he has some naturally ... less dominant qualities
<SibyllaWeave>   someone has to be the stronger one
<Jaz>  at least that's how it comes across
<Mitch_Modern> guess we know who wears the pants
<SibyllaWeave>   indeed
*      Notify: lyriclyinclined is online (FreeNode).
<Jaz>  I am guessing you were born first
*      BrightSilence has quit (Nick collision from services.)
*      BS|Bot has quit (Nick collision from services.)
<SibyllaWeave>   well you know what happens now.
*      BrightSilence () has joined #lg15chat
*      BS|Bot () has joined #lg15chat
<SibyllaWeave>   Xavier and I are obvioulsy on another assignment.
<Mitch_Modern> which one?
<Renegade15>   does that mean Chas is safe?
<SibyllaWeave>   not the time to tell
<SibyllaWeave>   Chasina will never be safe
<Jaz>  I would imagine not Gade
<SibyllaWeave>   and especially Bray
<Renegade15>   well, they didn't touch Chloe while she was not the assignment...
<SibyllaWeave>   I can't wait to get my hands on Bray
<Mitch_Modern> so is she dead or not?
<SibyllaWeave>   Chloe?
<SibyllaWeave>   is alive
<Mitch_Modern> yes
<Mitch_Modern> omg
<SibyllaWeave>   for now
<Mitch_Modern> dun dun dun
<YourFavoritePJ>       Not for much longer...
<SibyllaWeave>   oh
<SibyllaWeave>   that's interesting
<SibyllaWeave>   new message from Hera. must go
<Mitch_Modern> adios spinder girl
*        SibyllaWeave () has left #lg15chat