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| name        = Aunt Alex
| name        = Aunt Alex
| number      = 0151
| number      = 0151
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| blogger    = Daniel
| blogger    = Daniel

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Template:Blog4 Aunt Alex is the one hundred fifty-first video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(Daniel and Jonas are in a car driving.)

Daniel: Well, Bree left.

Jonas: (softly) See ya.

Daniel: So, anyways, we're on our way to the airport right now to pick up Jonas's aunt. And, uh, Bree decided to go hang out with Tachyon. Yeah, I'm sure that's the only reason she left though, to hang out with Tachyon. You think? Yeah maybe? Just.. (Daniel turns the camera towards Jonas.)

Jonas: What?

Daniel: Tell everyone out here what you asked her before she left.

Jonas: No, that was just a thing. I'm not gonna--

Daniel: No, tell us. It was a, a joke right?

Jonas: Yeah, of course it was a joke.

Daniel: Well, then tell us.

Jonas: No.

Daniel: Why, why not? You think it was just a little bit messed up?

Jonas: Okay, okay, I'll tell you.

Daniel: All right, cool.

Jonas: It was really innocent, she way overreacted, but I said, uh, this thing that my mom used to tell me. She would say, Jonas, would you rather, uh, be dumber than you look or look dumber than you are? And I would say, well, I'd rather look dumber than I am. And she'd say, are you sure that's possible? (Daniel laughs.) See, innocent.

Daniel: Well, let's put it like this (Daniel turns the camera towards himself.). He said that to Bree. Bree, like as in the brain child, Bree. (in a high pitched voice) I'm so smart Bree. (normally) Yeah, Bree. Bree. It was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back. Within two hours she was all packed up and ready for Tachyon to pick her up. What do you think they're doing? (Daniel turns the camera towards Jonas.)

Jonas: Talking about ways to kill me. (Daniel laughs). Oh, listen, uh, before we pick up my aunt, uh...I don't know how kosher she's gonna be with the whole B&E I pulled in her office thing today.

Daniel: Are you serious?

Jonas: Yeah....

Daniel: Now he tells us.

Jonas: It'll be fine. It's--I'm pretty sure.

Daniel: You sure? Then why'd you replace the lock? (laughs) Are you gonna tell her about the stuff you found?

Jonas: I don't know.

Daniel: How do you tell her without telling her that you broke into her office?

Jonas: Yeah, good point.

Daniel: What are you gonna tell her about your hand?

Jonas: Ah, I don't think I'm gonna--

Daniel: It's a conundrum.

Jonas: Yes, Danielson, it is a conundrum. (Daniel laughs.)

Daniel: She's divorced, right? Did she ever like, remarry?

Jonas: Daniel, Daniel.

Daniel: What, dude?

Jonas: Listen to me.

Daniel: I'm not saying anything.

Jonas: Listen to me, do not hit--

Daniel: I'm not saying--All I'm saying is--

Jonas: Do not hit on my aunt. If you hit on my aunt, I will go Bree on you.

(Jonas's aunt gets in the car.)

Jonas: All right.

Daniel: All right.

Jonas: Say hi to the camera.

Alex: Hi.

Daniel: Yeah, so I don't know. Maybe, maybe tell us a little something about Rome.

Alex: Is he serious?

Jonas: Mmhmm, but just ignore him.

Daniel: Whatever, dude.

Alex: Oh my God, what happened to your hand?

'Jonas: Oh, um, nothing, I just, I, I cut it in the kitchen I was making salad--

Alex: Are you ok?

Jonas: It's a long story. Yeah, I'm good though.

Alex: Don't get near knives.

Daniel: So--

Alex: I've been telling you that since you were ten.

Daniel: Do you have a boyfriend. (Alex laughs)

Jonas: Daniel.

Daniel: Well, I'm just wondering.

Jonas: Daniel, you wanna walk?

Alex: I...

Jonas: Do you want to walk?

Alex: ...don't have time for a boyfriend.

Daniel: You don't have time for a boyfriend?

Alex: No... sorry.

Jonas: Just take it easy.

Daniel: I'm being nice.

Jonas: Play it cool.

Alex: It's okay.

Daniel: I'm totally cool, ask her. I'm cool right? (Alex nods.) See, she thinks I'm cool. (Jonas shakes his head.)