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Episode 0178/1x178
Blog Girl

remember what Xwestsidex told you, Jonpro..

Blogger Bree
Date Posted April 23rd, 2007
Length 2:51
Description Jules updated her blog today and talked about all these weird exercises she's doing. Kinda suspicious, but definitely don't know for sure.
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Blog Girl is the one-hundred seventy-eighth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. Blog Girl is the one hundred seventy-eighth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


Bree: Hiya! Checkin' in from the dark side of the moon...a.k.a., the bunker. So, I'm very excited about stumbling across Julie's MySpace page. Still trying to figure out if she's in the Hymn of One or not. Ummm, she posted a new blog over the weekend. She talks about a complex exercise routine, which kinda sound like the exercises I did in preparation for the ceremony. (Bree gets close to the camera, says in a hypnotic voice:) Julie...let me ask you a question. Are you in the Hymn of One? Look into my eyes, Julie. (Back to sitting and talking normally) Then again, I could just be overreacting, because she does play soccer, so it could just be practice for training. I don't know. Maybe I am reading too much into this. (Whispering, close to screen) I could really use your help. (Normal again) I've tried messaging her a bunch of times, but she never answers any of my questions. She's a little standoffish. (Makes "standoffish" movements, acting somewhat afraid and disgusted) Dunno. Oh!! (Laughs) You wouldn't believe what Jonas and Daniel are doing. They're hypnotizing each other! They're doing these kind of, like, memory experiments. They've become...obsessed with this guy that kidnapped us in Vegas, and they think by hypnotizing each other, they'll...they'll...I don't know, remember things? (Snorts mockingly, then calms herself.) Whew. Daniel. (Gets close to camera, speaks in hypnotic voice, rocking back and forth and doing strange things with her hands) You're getting sleeeepy...oooooo... (Reverts back to normal) Boys. Actually, watch them make it work, and then I'm sitting here making fun of them... (shrugs) Enough hypnosis for one day. I want to talk a little bit about the Hymn of One. I really think that there is...a bit of confusion around it. First of all, read my lips: it is not a legitimate religion. A legitimate religion, in my mind, is beliefs that center around a higher purpose, or, or meaning, and the dangerous thing about the Hymn of One is that it masquerades as a real religion, but its true purpose is the exact opposite. For example, they talk about free will a lot. Truthfully, it's just another way to make you feel empowered, when in fact they're getting you to do exactly what they want you to do; the Ceremony. Now, the Ceremony is the key. I wish that I knew more about it, but clearly it's very important to the Order. I mean, I walked right up to the edge of doing it, and I only knew the preparations for it. I know a lot of you signed up for the website at Hymn of[1], but don't listen to them! They'll just end up sending you a bunch of religious gobbeldy-gook. And like I said, not a real religion. It's hard to talk about all this stuff without the facts, so...back to work. Maybe one day, we'll have this all figured out.


  • Bree says that Daniel and Jonas were hypnotizing each other. Daniel may be sober or actually working to get there.