Charlie's Workout

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Template:KMBlog Charlie's Workout is the sixteenth webisode in the Katemodern series.


(Charlie is moving things out of her way. She places a blue towel on the floor and kneels on all fours upon it. Fast motion footage of her doing various exercises plays.)

Charlie: One, two, three, four! (Shot of Charlie sitting in front of camera and talking to it) No pain, no gain. I learnt the hard way, living off sandwiches my whole life! What're you gonna do about that? You're gonna do more sit ups and less push ups, kay? (Fast motion footage of Charlie doing sit ups) Five, six, seven, eight and back! (Turns over and does push ups) Two, three, four. (More fast motion footage of exercises then she talks to camera again) Five, six, seven, eight! I can't keep up with who's on the scene at the moment, we've had blazing rows between Kate and Tariq, mystery late night visits with the ex (whispers) and now this creepy guy Steve.

(Shot of Kate sitting cross legged on the floor in another room with Steve kneeling beside her holding his hand near her temple)

Charlie: Kate, weren't we supposed to be going for a run??

Kate: (Annoyed) Let's go later.

(Charlie is now in her room lying on her bed)

Charlie: Kate doesn't want me to say this but I know a creep when I see one.(Red tinted shot of Steve smiling as an alarm plays and the word 'creep' appears on screen. Shot of Charlie in her room with a piece of paper that reads 'Creep magnet?' on her forehead.) For some reason, when I lived in Melbourne I attracted every single creep. (Picture of a Windows live search for 'Melboune'. Charlie is now drawing on a piece of paper) This is where Brad lived, he used to keep live snakes and feed them mice. Then there was Peter, Bruce, Henry and his collection of female mannequins, Roger, the romantic (Makes a 'tiny' gesture with her fingers) and then there was Donald (picture of the pins representing each of these men forming the shape of a heart) and I don't really think I should talk about him on camera. So when I say I know a creep-(she is interuppted by voices off camera)

Kate: Yeah, thank you soo much. Should we go and get a coffee?

(Shot of the front door closing)

Charlie: KATE! (Charlie is back on her bed again) I shouldn't have let her go with him, she doesn't know this guy from Adam. (She walks back into shot in a different top) I don't want him around and I'm not afraid to tell her OR him no matter HOW creepy he is. and he's definitely not coming to my party on friday that's for sure. This has to stop. (Turns the camera off)


  • This video determines that Charlie is in fact not originally from the U.K. but from Melbourne, Australia.
  • The dark and spooky new character may be a scout for the Hymn of One disguised as someone who wants to help Kate
  • In an obvious slip-up, Melbourne is misspelled "Melboune" in the websearch screenshot.