Christmas Surprise

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Template:Blog3 Christmas Surprise is the one hundred fifth video in the Lonelygirl15 video series.


(The video opens with Jonas standing in front of a Christmas tree wearing a Santa hat.)

Jonas: Hey! It's six in the morning and I'm setting up a tree and some stuff for Bree. (pauses) And I- Hey, that rhymes. Tree and Bree. Anyway, I'm hoping that it cheers her up. Anyway, if this doesn't work, I've got another trick up my sleeve. Check this out. (Camera cuts to show Daniel, asleep in a bed) Yeah, there he is. He arrived about an hour ago, and Bree has no idea. Yeah.... I wanted to wrap him up and put him under the tree, but he thought that was weird. I don't know. I hope I didn't freak him out. Anyway...(Camera cuts to show Jonas again) Alright, I'm gonna go get a refill on some eggnog. Man, that stuff is delicious, I'm telling you. Why do you only get to drink it once a year? I don't understand. Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm going to try to push on through till morning. So, uh, that's it. Peace. On Earth. And good will towards man.

(Camera cuts to show Bree by the Christmas tree)

Jonas: So, what, are you, uh, are you surprised?

Bree: (demurely) Yes...

Jonas: Is, is everything good?

Bree: I don't know; I haven't seen what's in the box! (laughs)

Jonas: (laughs) Ohhh, fair enough, fair enough.

Bree: (picks up the small, flat box) Just kidding.... (unwraps the present to reveal several National Geographic magazines, laughs) Oh, my God.... (giggles) Egypt!

Jonas: So what do you think? Do you think that's enough material for a few "Proving Science Wrongs"? Come on.

Bree: I don't know. I've never taken on geography. But...I guess it can be proven wrong, just like everything else. There's always something to prove wrong, I guess.

(Camera cuts to Bree kneeling on the floor, looking at her magazines. Footsteps are heard off-camera.)

Bree: Daniel!! (throws herself on him) What took you so long? (Camera cuts to Bree pointing at the camera, which is apparantly operated by Jonas) I can't believe you!

Jonas: What, are you surprised?

Bree: Yeah!

Daniel: Happy holidays.

(Camera cuts to show Jonas asleep with his Santa hat still on)

Daniel: Well, I guess he had a long night. We were all having a great time, then he just... (Camera cuts to show Daniel) ...passed out. I'm pretty beat too, though. I took some money from my parents before I left...not much, like fifty bucks. And then I, uh, just got a ticket and came up here. Didn't get me all the way here, though. Got me to a nearby town, but (shakes head) Jonas lives way the hell up here. I had to walk the last couple of miles.

(Camera cuts to show Bree sitting by herself and looking depressed)

Daniel: I know what you're thinking. She probably misses her parents, probably has a lot of Christmas memories, right? Nu-uh. She didn't celebrate Christmas. Well, at least not with the gift-opening and giving and stuff. Maybe they drank reindeer blood. I don't know. (Camera cuts back to Daniel) Anyway, Merry Christmas, everybody. I'm out.


  • This is the second video to feature three bloggers (Bree, Daniel, and Jonas). The first was Your Decision - but "Christmas Surprise" is the only video in which all three interact. In fact, this is the first time Daniel and Jonas interacted face-to-face.