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| name        = Consideration: A Quiz
| name        = Consideration: A Quiz
| number      = 1-26
| number      = 1-26
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| image      = Hsaovideoimage_considerationquiz.jpg
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| caption    =  
| date        = January 17th, 2007
| date        = January 17th, 2007

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HSAO Video 1-26
Consideration: A Quiz

Hsaovideoimage considerationquiz.jpg

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted January 17th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description This multiple choice quiz should help us all to reflect on how our words and actions affect others. Hopefully with attention to those around us, we can all lead more thoughtful and considerate lives.
YouTube Tags hsa mskelly lonelygirl15 quiz considerate more
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Consideration: A Quiz is the twenty-sixth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Multiple Choice Quiz)

Lessons from Bree:
Multiple Choice Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

(A picture of Jonas, with 'Jonas' written across the screen)

1. We are most shocked by Jonas's recent behavior

a. for his continual use of foul language
b. for his aversion to structure
c. for going out at night without a warm hat

Answer: (c. no hat) We have become accustomed to Jonas's gutter-mouth and lack of structure at this point.

We are appalled that he chose to put his health at risk by going out into the cold night without a hat. Body heat easily escapes from the head.

(A picture of Daniel, with 'Daniel' written across the screen)

2. We are disappointed with Daniel's most recent behavior

a. because he was cooking with pine nuts
b. because he kicked Jonas out of his own house
c. because he broadcasted their "hook up" without Bree's knowledge

Answer: (b) In light of his recent behavior, we have some idea as to how Daniel received the nickname "Beast,"

so we aren't surprised by his Internet hi-jinx.

As it so happens, we view Daniel as a rather sophisticated chef, so we are most impressed with his recent menu choice. Well done!

However, kicking Jonas out seems a bit overboard. We are not sure what kind of night he had planned which would have involved every room of Jonas's large house (and frankly, we'd rather not know).

At least, Daniel could have allowed Jonas to sit tight in the library and watch the season premiere of American Idol or something to that effect. The injustice!

Final Question

(A picture of Bree, with 'Bree' written across the screen)

3. We feel for Bree because

a. her life is in shambles
b. Daniel served her pine nuts without asking if she had acquired the taste for these pungent delicacies
c. Jonas did not wear a hat on his excursion to the cinema

Answer: (c) We feel for Bree because after having gone through so much, she is now at risk of contacting the head cold to which Jonas willfully and potentially exposed himself.

On top of the turmoil and grief in her life, Bree does not need to be bedridden with a nasty head cold.

Hopefully, you chose the correct answers.

Hopefully, these questions allowed all of us to remember how important it is to be considerate of others.

Hopefully, Daniel's epicurean creativity will inspire you to diversify your menu selections.


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Multiple Choice Quiz)

Always remember a warm hat.