Drinking Problems

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Template:Blog3 Drinking Problems is the one hundred thirty-second video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


Daniel: So, I'm alive, recovering from my stint as a POW. I can't remember anything. What the hell did I say in that video? What the hell could I have possibly said in that bar? Why the hell did I leave with that cowboy and get into his Chester the Molester van? I don't know, why would I leave with him? I mean, the last thing I remember is this flash-bang thing, and Bree...just yelling at me to run. I'm afraid of whatever else I might have said. I don't know...how to deal with any consequences, but it doesn't look like I have a choice. You know, it was always about protecting Bree. You know, I just don't feel like a bystander anymore. It got a little bit more personal. I don't want to get all Dr. Jonas over here, but...I'm an idiot for thinking I could drink my problems away. My parents and their whole hands-off thing. Growing up, I-I think they were actually just a little preoccupied. They never hit me or set the house on fire. It was that they violently ignored me. I guess they were pretty mellow as far as drunks go. The bad times are when one of them would stop. It's like, one of them would get better and...I'd f-...I'd finally have a parent, you know. But then, you know, that's when all the arguing would start, you know, it sucked. It's like they were both self-medicating. Unless they were numb, life was just...too much to deal with. Given our situation, I can kinda understand why a person would find that preferable. They've actually been sober, now for...last two years. They tried the whole amends thing...but...with my evasive maneuvers being on auto-pilot...I uh...I didn't want to hear about it. I didn't--I just didn't want any part of it. It's kind of uh, kind of hard now, trying to stay mad at them. You know, I'm not gonna be careless like my parents were. It's not about covering my own ass, it's...it's about watching out for one another. So, yeah, I'm not sure if it's safe here anymore. Talkin' about all this stuff, it's just...it's just giving me a headache. Jonas, you're a bad influence, man.


  • Though this is the first time Daniel has spoken in detail about the troubles with his parents, he has hinted at it several times.
  • If Daniel is worried about what information he gave to OpAphid, it is logical to think that this update was not posted from Jonas's house, as The Order may know where it is; this would explain the new chair.